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Three is Ireland’s second-largest mobile operator, with 35% market share and two million customers (as of March 2017). Three operates 2G, 3G and 4G networks with up to 99.7% population coverage nationwide. The company has a head office in Dublin, a Customer Care Centre in Limerick and 67 retail stores and over 1,400 employees throughout Ireland.


Challenges & Installation:

The Three offices in Dublin is home to over 2,000 members of staff, this means that a lot of deliveries are made to the office. They receive on average around 250 signed for deliveries per week. When items were delivered to Three, they were signed for in the basement, the staff in the basement would then write down all the items signed for in a book. The team in the basement would then call the Three mailroom to tell them they needed to come and collect some items from the basement.

When the mailroom staff got to the basement they would sign for the items and transfer them up to the mailroom, they would then write out these items in a book to record what they had received. One by one the mailroom would notify recipients to tell them they had an item to collect. When they can to collect their items, recipients would sign in the book next to their name to confirm they had received their item.  This method was really time-consuming as it required items to be written out twice, error-prone and not very accurate. The facilities manager at Three identified this needed addressing and began to look at potential solutions.



ExPDs mail tracking system OmniPost was one of the systems Three looked at. Will Harris of ExPD came to visit the Three office and provided a demonstration of OmniPost. From this, Three selected OmniPost as their preferred solution.

Using OmniPost when items of mail arrived at the basement, they are logged into the web-based system. The recipient is recorded along with the courier, package type and the unique tracking number, which is scanned in using a USB barcode scanner.  The mailroom has complete visibility of items received in the basement so know when they need to go and collect items from them. When they go and collect the items, they scan them all with a Zebra TC25 Android PDA and transfer the location of the item to the mailroom. The mailroom also signs on the PDA for the items they have received. At the point the items are transferred, an email is sent to the recipient to notify them they have an item to collect at the mailroom.

When recipients come to collect their items from the mailroom, they simply sign for their items on a USB signature pad. This marks the item as delivered on the system with a full audit trail of the item.

Three now have complete visibility of how many items have been received, delivered and awaiting collection in both the basement and the mailroom. If Three are trying to locate an item they can search for it in their OmniPost database and get all the information about it.  Using OmniPost has made the process for tracking mail at Three a lot simpler, accurate and a lot quicker. A lot less time is used manually recording information and searching for old records, this frees up staff time to take on new responsibilities.

The facilities manager at Three has said that “Installing OmniPost has made our process a lot easier. From a management point of view, I have a full overview of how many deliveries we have in stock and where they are. This helps me to run reports on a number of items, the time it takes for them to be delivered and many more. I would recommend OmniPost to any organisation looking to improve their process for dealing with inbound deliveries.” 

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