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Unattended delivery has rapidly increased since the pandemic, partly due to social distancing.

However, post-covid it has still continued to grow. As a result, supply chains need to adapt to new safe and secure methods to pick-up and deliver shipments.

Unattended delivery means that parcels can be delivered to a specified location, regardless of whether you are absent, and there isn’t a need for a required signature.

Doctor’s offices have been using unattended delivery for years, however it can support efficient mail management in universities and offices buildings.

Maybe, it’s time you introduced unattended deliveries into your business?

Smart Lockers

EXPD provide bespoke Smart Locker systems, where mail can be kept in a secure location.

You can customise the lockers, the style, the colours, the materials, the branding, the alerts and even the mechanisms. Our team is here to support you throughout each process.

The process is simple:

  • When a package is delivered to the lockers by a courier, an email is sent to the recipient notifying them of where they need to collect their item from.
  • Recipients simply go to the location, scan their QR code and collect the delivery

EXPD Smart Lockers are also controlled with Summit technology, which can be integrated with a bespoke plugin for your application. Smart Lockers also work seamlessly with other EXPD products, including our Medical Inventory Control System (MICS) and OmniPost.

Most importantly, our products are simple, secure, accountable and cost effective.

What are the benefits?

From choosing unattended delivery point on checkout, to receiving a notification when your parcel has been delivered, this process can now be managed entirely through digital channels.

Smart Lockers are the most secure way to transfer an item with full traceability and accountability. There’s nothing worse than a stolen package.

With our lockers, we can provide delivery for high value items, which remain secure until they are ready to be retrieved.

Recipients are sent locker access codes that are specific to them, the locker stores the parcels 24/7 and only people authorised by the system can open them.

Customers want their parcels delivered on time and with speed, therefore the long process of waiting for items to be delivered and failure of scheduled delivery, can often counterbalance the convenience of online shopping.

With Smart Lockers, recipients can collect their parcel at any time, day and night.

This could be on the way to the supermarket, office, work and gym. They can also be used as a drop-off point, which can help save time.

Smart Lockers can reduce disruptions, as unattended deliveries in overnight hours can take advantage of downtime.

In a busy office, university campus, student accommodation or managed building environment, the delivery of parcels can be critical.

This increase in efficiency, especially during busy periods, can save time from inconvenient administrative tasks. Your reception or mailroom will become secure and mess-free.

In addition, a recent DHL survey showed that almost half of recipients are willing to pay more for green delivery. With Smart Lockers, you can deliver parcels in bulk and drastically reduce the distance driven by couriers.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our Smart Locker solutions, please get in touch with our team at