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The Scalpel Building

52 Lime Street, also known as the Scalpel, is a 190-metre, 40-storey skyscraper situated in the heart of London’s financial district. Notable for its unique design, which features a sloping facade that tapers towards the top, the building was completed in 2018. The Scalpel provides a range of modern office spaces and state-of-the-art facilities, making it a highly desirable location for businesses seeking to establish a presence in the city.

Inbound Mail Challenges & Installation of OmniPost

Efficient delivery of items to the relevant floors is crucial due to the large number of occupiers in the building. In order to achieve this, 52 Lime Street approached ExPD about their OmniPost system. Will Harris of ExPD visited the Scalpel to demonstrate the product.

Upon arrival of any items, they are booked into the OmniPost system, whereby the post room team records the recipient, courier, package type, and courier tracking number. The courier tracking number is scanned via a barcode on the package, providing the team with more accurate information and saving time that would otherwise be spent printing a new label each time an item arrives. The post room team has also mentioned that they would actually be saving money as they no longer require to purchase the thermal printing rolls of labels.

OmniPost: A Complete Internal Mail Solution

The OmniPost system also has the capability to record any non-barcoded items as the system can generate a URN (Unique Reference Number). This functionality then allows them to track food items, bulky housekeeping orders, etc., which is useful data and further proof of productivity within their postal operations.

Once items have been booked in, the team delivers them to the intended recipients. To record the delivery, the team uses a set of Android PDAs, selecting the delivery location, scanning the items being delivered, and requesting a signature from the recipient. This signature provides full proof of delivery for every item that enters the building.

In the event of a delivery query from an occupier, the post room team can provide a full proof of delivery report, including the date and time of delivery, courier, package type, recipient, courier tracking number, delivery location, delivery time, signature, and name of the person who signed for the item.

As OmniPost is a cloud-based system, the building management team can access all reports from anywhere. Lauren Battman, the Operations Manager, says, “I have been really impressed with ExPD from day one. From the moment we got in contact, ExPD were really helpful and easy to work with. Will came to the site and walked us through how the system would work for us. His demonstration was tailored to our needs so that we could see exactly how the system would work in our building. ExPD also provided training to our post room team on how to use the system, which was straightforward and easy to understand. I would highly recommend OmniPost to any postroom/goods-in area looking to improve their inbound delivery management.”