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The UK delivery industry has grown extensively over the years and there’s no signs of it stopping in 2023.

A survey conducted by market research company YouGov, discovered that online delivery services are set to increase despite the cost of living crisis.

Quick, efficient and sustainable delivery solutions are also important to recipients, with two out of five (38%) people expecting faster delivery times and one in four (26%) expecting advanced tracking with their delivery.

Here’s how our OmniPost software can provide the ideal solution and its benefits to a range of sectors.

OmniPost – Internal Mail Tracking Software

OmniPost is a cloud-hosted parcel tracking software, working with any IOS or Android phone, tablet or mobile computer.

When a parcel arrives at reception, the barcode is scanned, a branded notification is sent, and a barcode is captured for proof of delivery.

Recipients have access to tracking information, including who received it, where it is currently stored, who delivered it, photos, and proof of delivery signature or ID card scan.

In addition, they can be alerted to where the item is, allowing them to alter delivery instructions.

See where packages are, every step of the way. This reduces costs associated with lost and damaged packages, while ensuring the delivery of parcels and their safe distribution.

At EXPD we can also train your team on how to use the internal mail tracking system and are always on hand for ongoing support and maintenance.

This process can be made easier through a range of EXPD handheld devices and scanners.

  • Datalogic Memor 11

The Memor 11 improves business productivity and streamlines operations.

It is extremely versatile and has incredible scanning performance. It is the perfect option for inbound and outbound warehouse logistics.

You can choose between Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi cellular, to ensure you always stay connected.

In addition, its long-lasting replaceable battery can be swapped out easily without turning off the device.

  • Datalogic Memor K

The Memor K can easily fit in your pocket and comes with a physical keyboard.

The camera is specifically useful for helping workers capture images, whilst running smoothly even with the most demanding of applications.

The Memor K is conveniently priced and the only device you need to equip your workforce with.

For mailroom and receptions  

With OmniPost, time spent logging parcels, processing them and tracking them is minimal. The reception and mailroom will become mess free!

It removes time-consuming and out-dated paper systems and replaces them with a smart, flexible, time effective and efficient solution.

This allows staff to be more productive, while providing safe distribution from mailroom to client.

For universities

OmniPost works seamlessly with our EXPD Smart Lockers, which are convenient, safe, accountable and contact free.

When a parcel is delivered and placed inside a secure smart locker, students can receive an automated email notifying them of their delivery.

Smart Lockers, whether they are in a university building or student halls, can free up space, while keeping packages highly organised. This will help avoid long queues and dissatisfied customers.

OmniPost is suitable for students who struggle to receive packages at normal delivery times, due to their schedules (e.g., classes and work).

In addition, Smart Lockers store the parcels 24/7, which means they stay in one place until the recipient is ready to retrieve them.

For law firms

Mail received by law firms can contain highly sensitive information, which needs to reach the designated recipient.

When it comes to critical legal documents, tracking is vital. Documents within a law firm are often hand delivered, leaving no courier tracking information or proof of delivery.

In situations like this, post can easily be misplaced or lost.

With OmniPost, instead of waiting in line for parcels and letters, lawyers can continue their work at their desks knowing their documents are secure.

For residential buildings

With Smart Lockers, couriers can easily drop off packages without having to search for flat and house numbers and coordinate drop-off times with residents.

This is because Smart Lockers can be accessed 24/7, making it easy for residents to pick up their packages at any time that is convenient for them.

This is especially important for busy professionals, or students who may not be able to retrieve packages during regular business hours.

In addition, Smart Lockers can also help maximise space available and reduce clutter in common areas.

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