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What better way to celebrate World Post Day on October 9, than with 5 new features to our OmniPost mail tracking system.

Our cloud-based OmniPost platform digitally tracks parcels to and through your building, safely managing the distribution to the person, department or company they’re addressed to.

It mimics the traditional mailroom process but removes the cumbersome, time-consuming and outdated paper systems and replaces them with a smart, intelligent, flexible, time-effective and efficient solution.

OmniPost can be tailored to the way you like to work and is already packed with features. But here are 5 extras we’ve added this year:

Smart lockers

OmniPost now works seamlessly with our SUMMIT smart locker technology. This means items can be placed into lockers for recipients to directly collect – no need to collect them at reception or the post-room and rely on staff availability.

Smart Lockers can be installed in office buildings, built to fit whatever space is available. Employees can collect their parcels 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which helps to improve the service the building can provide.


Have more than one item being delivered? No problem. Multiple parcels can now be put into containers and delivered, moved or transferred as one item. This is especially useful when moving and dealing with a large quantity of post.

By placing items in containers you can reduce the number of scans to deliver or transfer a large QTY of items. This also gives you a better audit trail of where items have been and when they were moved.

Language pack

OmniPost can already be tailored for your use, we’ve now added a language pack which means your system can be further personalised allowing the use of words/labels which your staff are familiar with or use a different language.

Reporting dashboard

The OmniPost dashboard is where you’ll find all the data you need for reporting and alerts on any issues.

The now enhanced dashboard, means more data is visible from the system. It pulls live data into easy-to-read graphs, giving you a clear a snapshot of how your delivery system is performing. You can track the busiest times for deliveries and collections, helping you to allocate resource to the goods in area.

Some reports are auto-generated and we recognise that the best solution is to give you access to the data, so we provide the option to Filter/Search and export data to XLS.

Landlord / Tenant 

Does your organisation use its own OmniPost database and your building landlord another? Good news – you can now connect your databases together, thereby reducing the amount of data to input.

We now provide the seamless flow of data from building, to tenant, to final recipient with each step updating in each owners database.

This gives traceability of items throughout the whole building and streamlines your mailroom management system.

If you’d like to learn more about OmniPost, book an online demo here. Or contact us at