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Inbound parcel tracking systems play a major role in optimising and upscaling your business, by streamlining the mailroom and reducing the possibility of lost or stolen parcels.

Not only that, but this technology can also support you in providing your employees, customers or residents with the best and most efficient service.

A suitable tracking system should provide visibility and prevent time-loss, both for your organisation and customers. Here’s how:

Inbound parcel tracking solution – Omni Post

Inbound parcel tracking solutions ensure the safety and security of documents and parcels.

With OmniPost you can see where your packages are, every step of the way!

A parcel arrives at a reception, the barcode is scanned, a notification is sent and then a barcode is captured for proof of delivery.

The internal parcel tracking software has many features: it can show you who received it, where it is currently stored, who delivered it, proof of delivery and more.

Recipients have access to all this information, as well as having the opportunity to change delivery instructions. This can save time and improve customer satisfaction.

OmniPost can also be tailored to work exactly the way you want it to. This includes:

  • Custom email messaging.
  • You can personalise messages and add company branding.
  • Manage your own courier and service lists.
  • Integrate with EXPD’s smart-locker solution.

It also has a language pack, which allows the use of labels that your staff are familiar with, or use a different language.

You can even configure reports, so you have the data that you need in your organisation, as well as improving processes and noticing trends before they are issues. This can be accessed through the OmniPost dashboard.

OmniPost is in the cloud and on the move! The web application provides access to all functionality, including access to reporting and admin tools. It works with any iOS or Android phone, tablet or mobile computer. You can use it online and offline, so you won’t need a permanent internet connection.

What are the benefits of inbound parcel tracking?

  1. High customer satisfaction

Customers no longer need to wonder when their packages are due to arrive. Inbound delivery tracking can show a customer whether there has been an unexpected delay, and an accurate estimated time of arrival.

  1. Reduced loss and theft

The tracking system allows you to see who has been involved in the processes behind the delivery, such as who delivered it and who signed it. This makes it easy to trace. In addition, you can provide safe and secure delivery of packages through our parcel locker systems.

  1. Saves money and improves efficiency

It is cost-efficient and saves time, such as removing the tasks of signing for packages and contacting recipients. This allows mailroom staff and receptionists to focus on their jobs, instead of wasting hours as an unpaid delivery service.

  1. Compatibility

Our hardware partners Datalogic can help provide products that are compatible with our OmniPost software system, giving additional cohesion throughout your organisation.

  1. Improved communication with inbound parcel tracking

Communication with customers is extremely important. A tracking system provides easy feedback from customers, which can also help improve your system. It can also make it simple for drivers to input remarks or notes for delivery.

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