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OmniCheck Case Study – Paula Rosa Manhattan


Operating from their factories in Lancing, West Sussex, Paula Rosa Manhattan is one of the most respected names in the UK kitchen industry. Over the last 60 years, Paula Rosa Manhattan has designed and built over 1,000,000 kitchens for house builders throughout the UK. They have earned a reputation for creative design and product quality that is unique in the industry. Their kitchens are British made to British designs in materials selected from the world’s best sustainable resources.

Paula Rosa Manhattan has their own distribution vehicles to ensure their products are delivered promptly & efficiently, ensuring excellent customer service from start to finish.


Paula Rosa Manhattan manufactures a wide range of kitchen cupboards, doors and associated items. Each bespoke item made has to be individually identified and each individual item allocated to the appropriate order.

Orders for Manhattan products can range from a customer requiring spare parts, the complete content of a fitted kitchen to 10’s of complete kitchens for new housing developments.

It is vitally important that when orders are delivered to their customers, all of the parts for each kitchen/house are delivered. Thereby ensuring fitters are not left without any of the components required and equally ensuring customers do not falsely claim for missing items.


Using the OmniCheck application builder, ExPD were able to build an application to load the delivery manifest onto their Android, iOS or Windows Mobile devices. The manifest information included the customer name, site, address, order references and the entire list of items for that delivery including their barcodes.

Each delivery consignment is loaded onto one of their delivery vehicles and at point of delivery the driver using his mobile device, iOS, Android or WME, selects and confirms the drop point and order.

Each item is scanned as it’s unloaded from the vehicle, which in turn removes it from the list of items to be delivered. Any items not expected for this delivery are alerted to the driver and at the end of the delivery process a confirmation of items scanned and any items not delivered are displayed.

As part of the scanned data, the delivery location GPS co-ordinates are logged together with collecting signatures and photographs where required.

OmniCheck is directly integrated into Manhattan’s existing ERP system and ensures total traceability of items from the moment they are allocated to a delivery vehicle to the final delivery and scan.

The benefits

Where 100% scanning is taking place, Manhattan delivery drivers will have real time visibility of all items for a drop and will be notified of any incorrect or outstanding items in the delivery.

Once the delivery is completed and signed off by the customer, they will receive an email confirming all items that have been delivered and if any are still outstanding. This process eradicates false claims of non-delivery and likewise damaged items are identified (photographed) at point of delivery. The system will notify Head Office of any such problems so immediate action can be taken thereby providing enhanced customer service. The GPS co-ordinates also provide further proof of delivery with an exact time and location for every scanned drop.

Head Office is notified immediately, via their ERP system, of any failed deliveries, enabling them to contact the customer quickly to establish why the delivery was unsuccessful. They will also receive confirmation in real time of completed deliveries which allows instant invoicing with no disputes.