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How smarter stock management can improve patient care and save expense for hospitals and pharmacies


An estimated 1,700 lives are lost each year and £300million of unnecessary costs are absorbed annually by the NHS because of poor medicine stock management and avoidable prescribing errors.

We undertook research into prescription management and dispensing in hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare environments in the UK and found that cost savings could be made and patient care improved through the use of an effective medicine stock management system.

Some key points include:

  • An estimated £300million is lost due to medicine wastage in the NHS each year
  • 237 million medication errors are made in the UK each year costing the NHS upwards of £98 million
  • 1 out of 4 medication errors (26%) have the potential to cause harm to patients
  • A medicine stock management system can help reduce waste in hospitals, care homes and pharmacies, keeping costs down
  • MICS or Medicines Inventory Control System offers complete traceability and secure handling of medicines and controlled drugs

Read our detailed report for free here:

Medicines Inventory Control System (MICS)

Medicines Inventory Control System (MICS) is a unique stock management system delivering significant enhancements to the control of meds.

MICS provides a safe system for medicine management and traceability of all stock received and dispensed.

It’s a complete solution that integrates leading inventory control software with our smart locker technology. This gives you complete visibility and control over the location of your medical supplies and who has access to them – the smart lockers can only be opened once your prescribing process has been followed exactly.

Our advanced MICS system also increased the accuracy of issuing medications while reducing reportable clinical incidents, paperwork, theft and the risk of errors.

It’s simple, and cost effectively delivers significant enhancements to the control of meds.

Download our MICS brochure or contact our team for an online demo.