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Many Organisations Are Already Realising The Benefits Of Mobile Inspection Apps. Are You One Of Them?

Performing regular inspections can be a constant pressure for some businesses. Completing accurate inspections that don’t bog down your team with stacks of paperwork and extra trips to the office can be a huge burden when you have a million other things to think about.

Growing competition demands that businesses improve the efficiency of all of their operations, especially regular functions like mandatory inspections. With this in mind, many businesses have already found numerous reasons to use a mobile inspection app that lets them view job information, update checklists, and perform inspections faster and more effectively with an all-in-one mobile system.

OmniCheck is an app designer for mobile devices which can be used to build almost any inspection application quickly and easily, allowing your workforce to improve their performance on inspections, audits and services. Your users will have access to data anywhere, at any time and can perform on-site functions with any mobile platform including Android, iOS and Windows.

Still in doubt if this is the way forward for you?

The following 5 key reasons for using Mobile Inspection Apps will help with your decision process.

  • Consistency—maintaining consistency across inspections can be problematic without standard forms and procedures. With a mobile inspection app, businesses can use standard forms for certain kinds of inspections to ensure consistency across the board.
  • Quality —with standard forms and guided steps, managers can rely on more quality inspections since consistency will yield quality through standardised reporting. Photo taking, video, and signature capabilities allow technicians to capture a more complete analysis and collect more thorough and accurate information.
  • Speed – One of the best parts of mobile inspection software is that it allows you to perform better inspections in less time by freeing your team from the shackles of paper based inspections. Now, instead of filling out forms, returning to the main office, and re-entering the data, technicians can simply pull up an OmniCheck app on their mobile device, perform an inspection, and sync it with the back office for instant accessibility across the business.
  • Compliance—Businesses performing inspections often have to comply with internal policies and procedures or external regulatory standards. Mobile apps make that part easy with preconfigured forms that don’t let you finish an inspection until it’s clear you’ve measured everything you need to comply with the set standards.
  • Communication — Many inspection processes capture data that is relevant to the Product Lifestyle Management system which is used by other teams within your business or external manufacturers. By automating the process the data can be sent directly to your existing legacy system and shared instantly with relevant parties.

In summary, using a Mobile Inspection App will provide you with the following benefits and key features:

  • Access to all work orders and scheduled jobs in real time
  • Ensure the user performs the required actions on their mobile devices
  • Includes detailed work order descriptions
  • Access to job details and historical data on the installed assets
  • Take snapshot pictures or add videos or signatures at any stage of the inspection
  • Completed inspection results are collected automatically in real time or offline when internet connection becomes available

Inspectors, administrators and technical support staff will be able to:

  • Manage and streamline all their programs easily
  • Become more productive and track all assets cost effectively
  • Conduct inspections and ensure maintenance tasks take place at the right times and at all times.

OmniCheck Mobile Inspection App can revolutionise your work processes by removing the burden of routine data collection tasks. For further information, download any of our 3 White Papers here – which discusses the problems faced by organisations and where our Mobile Inspection App can help or call us direct.