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From minimising errors in data entry to enabling real-time inventory tracking, barcode scanning technology continues to have a great impact on manufacturing.

By giving employees the hardware they need to work with greater speed and accuracy, manufacturers can enjoy improved supply chain efficiencies that put them ahead of the competition.

Super-fast conveyor scanning

Fast product manufacturing and delivery will increase customer satisfaction and keep you ahead of your competition and Zebra’s fixed mounted scanners deliver just that.

With fixed mounted scanners, positioned above or at the side of a conveyor belt, manufacturers can create a process where products don’t need to be manually scanned, resulting in faster and more accurate reading.

You could position scanners at either end of a workstation so that as products arrive and leave each station, barcodes are captured, and their data recorded.

Is your barcode printed on paper, etched into a product, or displayed on a mobile phone screen? Zebra scanners’ high-quality processors deliver extraordinary scanning speed regardless of the type of the barcode. Workers can make two scans without pausing between them, contributing to the increase in speed, productivity, and delivery.

Efficient raw material inventory management

In manufacturing operations, businesses often overstock raw materials to avoid disrupting production.

Barcoding technology allows you to track inventory accurately, from all points of the supply chain – from arrival to customer delivery, reducing the need for carrying excess stock.

Simplify picking operations

Picking operations involves retrieving raw materials or finished products from your inventory once they have been requested or ordered by a customer.

Mobile computers will direct workers to the exact location of the item and identify the quantity needed. All they need to do is scan the barcode to complete the operation.

In situations where inventory labels require updating or replacing, secure wireless mobile printers, such as the ZQ600, mounted to lift trucks can help simplify and speed up the task.

Increase speed of package assembly

During the product packaging process, barcode scanners can help to identify the package contents.

Typically, warehouse workers might travel the floor looking for items according to paper picking lists. In modern, automated systems using barcoding, upon order placement, the system notifies employees on mobile computers.

A customer sales order signals the picking operation to retrieve the product from finished goods inventory. A computer system will generate a pick list, and direct the worker were to find the item. Scanned barcodes will confirm picking of the correct item and records the transfer.

Shipping validation

Real-time visibility and tracking are just as important to customers, suppliers and other supply chain partners, as they are to a manufacturer. No matter the product, customers have come to expect the ability to see where and when a product was shipped, as well as where it came from, at any point in the fulfilment process.

Mobile computers play a major role in accurately validating shipping. After scanning an item, a mobile computer can communicate with a wireless label printer to create a shipping label in a fully automated process. Scanning labels can also update inventory management systems for accurate inventory tracking and detailed analytics.

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