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Industrial scanners are built for processing data containing barcodes. They use light, sensors and decoding to transmit vital data during manufacturing processes.

So where can we use this technology? From tracking raw material inventory and picking stock to Work in Process (WIP) tracking and sortation, there are many applications for barcodes in manufacturing.

And with the growing demand from consumers around the expectations of faster order fulfilment and delivery, there is a pressure on product manufacturers to speed up this process.

Industrial scanners can make a major difference to your operations, here are some of the benefits of Zebra devices:

What are fixed industrial scanners?

Fixed industrial scanners are stationary scanners that are permanently installed somewhere in the warehouse – on walls or conveyors, for example. They are designed to automatically scan barcodes (or RFID tags) as they pass through a scanning area, removing the need for workers to physically scan items themselves.

Here are some of the ways this hardware can improve operational efficiency and which devices may be best for your business.

Efficiency and productivity

One of them main benefits of industrial scanners is the improved operational efficiency they bring to the manufacturing process. Removing the need for manual scanning, means faster and more seamless product handling. Fixed scanners can capture barcode information in a fraction of a second.

The Zebra FS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner is easy to set up, deploy and use. It provides fast capture of even damaged and the most challenging of barcodes, due to PRZM Intelligent Imaging.


By eliminating human errors that typically occur during manual scanning, fixed industrial scanners ensure data accuracy, minimising the risk of misidentified or miscounted items.

The GS20 Connectivity Gateway can captures 16 different images on a single item through ImagePerfect+, which is more than the leading competitors.

Or you can try out the FS40 Industrial Scanner, with PRZM Intelligent Imaging, so you can receive accurate scanning for 1D and 2D barcodes – even if they are damaged, dirty or moved at a fast-paced on a conveyor belt.

The FS70 Fixed Industrial Scanner also has a high-powered lens accurately capturing the smallest barcodes from a long distance, or wide lenses for large barcodes. There is a solution for each of your needs.


Most fixed industrial scanners can seamlessly integrate with your existing inventory management systems, resulting in streamlined workflows. Barcode information is captured automatically, and inventory records are updated in real-time. Workers can focus their time on crucial activities such as quality control.

With the FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner, you can just plug it into the USB port of a tablet, laptop, workstation and any other host device. It also has an ultra-slim profile, so it can fit anywhere you need in your warehouse.

The GS20 Connectivity Gateway is also perfect for easy integration with existing production lines and systems, such as Rockwell, Siemens, Mitsubishi and Omron PLC devices.


The FS70 Fixed Industrial Scanner is completely customisable, so you can meet all your unique scanning needs.

You can select from four image sensors, a range of C-mount external lens and lighting options. In addition, you can also transform the FS70 into a Machine Vision Smart Camera, by purchasing a licence to add advanced machine vision capabilities.

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