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Lacon House is a distinguished multi-tenant trophy asset nestled in the heart of the capital. It offers an array of premium office space, rooftop terrace with 180-degree views of the London skyline, and an array of amenities that cater to its discerning tenants.

However, the sheer number of daily occupiers presented a formidable challenge for the building management team: efficiently managing incoming packages and ensuring their accurate delivery.

Recognising the need for a game-changing solution, Lacon turned to ExPD’s OmniPost software, envisioning it as the catalyst for revolutionising mailroom management efficiencies.

Their Mailroom Tracking Challenge

Prior to the OmniPost transition, the FM team relied on a manual, pen-and-paper system to log and track incoming courier items. This labour-intensive approach posed several challenges:

  • Inefficiency: The laborious process of manual package logging and tracking consumed valuable time and resources.
  • Limited Visibility: Real-time package status’ remained elusive, impeding decision-making and impacting tenant satisfaction.
  • Lack of Reporting Data: The absence of automated reporting deprived Lacon House of critical insights into package quantities.
  • Outdated Image: A pen-and-paper system in a modern architectural marvel like Lacon House clashed with its contemporary identity.

OmniPost: The Ultimate Internal Mail Tracking Solution

To confront these challenges head-on, Lacon House made the strategic decision to adopt OmniPost, a comprehensive inbound parcel tracking system. The choice was driven by a series of compelling factors:

  • Streamlined Operations: OmniPost offered a centralised platform, simplifying the entire parcel management process, from package entry to tenant notifications and delivery.
  • Accuracy and Accountability: Digital records allowed Lacon House to maintain accurate data on incoming packages. Each item is logged with a time stamp, significantly reducing errors and potential disputes.
  • Real-time Tracking: OmniPost introduced real-time tracking capabilities, enabling the management team to swiftly identify and address issues or delays.
  • Reports: The system automatically generated reports, providing valuable data that could be readily shared with occupants.

The results of introducing OmniPost were remarkable

The impact of OmniPost’s implementation was nothing short of transformative:

  • Efficiency Gains: The time required to manage incoming courier items witnessed a dramatic reduction, allowing the team to focus on more pressing matters.
  • Reduced Errors: The transition to digital records and automated data entry led to a sharp decline in errors, translating to fewer disputes and a more content tenant community.
  • Enhanced Tenant Satisfaction: Occupiers enjoyed the newfound convenience of real-time notifications and tracking capabilities, thereby elevating overall satisfaction levels.
  • Cost Savings: The reduction in paper consumption and labour costs associated with manual record-keeping, translated into tangible cost savings and a lower carbon footprint.

Future of Inbound Parcel Tracking at Lacon House

Lacon House’s embrace of OmniPost marked a pivotal milestone in modernising inbound parcel management. As the building continues to harness the platform’s myriad features and functionalities, the future brims with the promise of even greater efficiencies and enhanced tenant experiences.

In summary, Lacon House’s transition from traditional pen-and-paper to OmniPost has not only streamlined onsite courier management but also established it as a forward-thinking, technologydriven asset that places tenant satisfaction and operational excellence at the forefront of its mission. It’s a journey of transformation that inspires others to embrace innovation in pursuit of excellence.