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Traditional internal mail tracking

For a busy Central London office, with over 2,500 staff, making sure post and parcels get to the right recipient can be a challenging task.

For this client, deliveries made by courier were noted in a book when they arrived at the office. Once deliveries were logged in, it was the facilities team’s responsibility to notify the recipient of the delivery and inform them that it needed to be collected. The recipient would sign for the item in the book at the point of collection, which served as proof of delivery.

The building Facilities Manager said: “The manual system worked well for us. It was only when we started to look at how much time we were spending managing this process, did we identify we could improve efficiency.”

OmniPost by ExPD was identified as the system to help make this process faster, more accurate and easy to report on.

Efficiency & accuracy for internal parcel tracking

When items arrive at the office, they are now logged directly into OmniPost. Once logged in, an email notification is sent to the final recipient informing them that they have an item to collect. If they do not collect the item within a couple of days, they will receive a reminder email. This means that far less time is spent on the administrative tasks associated with managing inbound courier deliveries.

Not only has the system made the process of delivering parcels much faster, but it also means that all data is now stored online in an easy-to-use system. If a delivery is questioned, the facilities team can quickly locate the record and send the recipient a complete proof of delivery.

The Facilities Manager went on to say: “since we moved to OmniPost, managing the deliveries is so much easier. We are spending far less time recording items, and finding the proof of deliveries when we are requested. The support from Will Harris at ExPD has been first class. I would highly recommend OmniPost to any organisation that is recording items manually in a book.”

To learn more about our OmniPost internal parcel tracking solution, get in touch with our expert team.