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Managing a large building comes with numerous challenges –  arguably the most important being delivering a first class service to the occupiers and tenants..

The tenants expect the building management to take care of their needs and keep them informed of everything that affects them. A task often overlooked is managing the inbound couriers and the mail and parcels destined for the tenants.

Parcels and post are often just left in reception areas for customers to collect or missed because couriers aren’t able to reach the right recipient.

Some buildings will sign for items on behalf of tenants or occupiers and wait for their collection, when the tenant collects they will just hand items over. The net result is no visibility of what has been received or handed over to the tenant, leading typically to lost items and disputes

Couriers are often allowed straight up to the client floor to make the delivery. This can be a security issue and also means the client then has to spend time liaising with the courier while they are making a delivery.

Implementing a mail tracking system…

Having a system in place to manage occupiers mail is an easy way to track, record, notify and offer an excellent service to your clients.

When an item arrives at the building, scanning the barcode and selecting the recipient in a suitable APP/System is all that is needed to record what has been received and for who.

Once the item(s) has been booked in, an email notification is automatically sent to the recipient to notify them of their delivery. This means they have complete visibility of each item received by the building.

When the occupier comes to collect their post or parcel, the mailroom team or staff dedicated to handling deliveries, can ask for items to be signed for on a mobile device.

This process provides a proof of delivery for each and every item received and subsequently handed over to the tenant by the building services team. The client also has visibility of all items signed for when they are trying to locate parcels at a later date – a major advancement in mail handling is the introduction of OmniPost Smart Lockers, recipients can now pick up their parcels at a time to suit them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not only do lockers systems streamline mailroom management for a building, it offers a great service to occupiers and tenants.

OmniPost – a mail tracking system tailored to work your way

It’s simple to integrate our mail tracking system, OmniPost, into your building for a seamless experience.

We blend our innovate Summit Smart Locker software with OmniPost, giving you and your tenants the opportunity to track the live status of a parcel in the system.

The parcel tracking software shows  who received a parcel, who it is for, where it is currently stored, how it is moving through the system, who delivered it, photos, and finally the proof of delivery signature or ID card scan.

If you would like to learn more about our mail tracking system, please contact our team at