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We all know how frustrating it can be when that all-important package goes missing!

With the rise of online shopping, there has been a significant increase in the number of personal items entering the business office and overrunning the post room.  

As a result, more and more parcels are becoming misplaced, lost or stolen.

According to the Penn Elcom Global Parcel Theft Report, more than eight million parcels went missing between May 2022 and April 2023.

However, an internal mail tracking room system can eliminate the hassle and dispute of parcels once they have been delivered to the mailroom.

If you have lost items and have faced the question of accountability, OmniPost is perfect for you! At EXPD, we provide software that will keep your parcels accountable and secure.


EXPD’s OmniPost tracks the delivery of your parcels and their distribution, through its cloud based internal mail tracking system. It can be used for all kinds of environments, from mailrooms to receptions.

It’s simple! A parcel arrives at your reception, the barcode is scanned, a notification is sent, and an image is captured for proof of delivery.

You can see where your parcels are on every step of the journey, reducing the costs associated with lost or damaged packages.

The internal parcel tracking software shows you who received it, who it is for, where it is currently stored, how it is moving through the system, who delivered it, photos and proof of delivery signature or ID card scan. The list just goes on!

You can also use reports to improve processes, by flagging up a trend before it become an issue.

Did you know that OmniPost is now on the move? It works with any iOS or Android phone, tablet or computer.  It works both online and offline! However, you can also purchase mobile devices from a selection of our hardware tools.

Datalogic Memor 11

The Memor 11 is equipped with a high-quality barcode scanner, that lets users capture data quickly and accurately.

It also has advanced battery management and wireless charging features, which makes it easy to swap out the battery without turning off the device.

This is all packed into a sleek, durable design, perfect for a variety of work environments.

Datalogic Memor K

This is the perfect pocketable business companion. The Memor K’s camera is extremely useful for capturing images, in addition to its large 4-inch screen and user-configurable side buttons.

It comes with a physical keyboard, which can be used in all environments and helps improve productivity.

The rechargeable battery can also meet the demands of continuous operation for the duration of any shift, which can be easily swapped out at the start of the next shift.

Smart Lockers

You can even go one step further and test out our Smart Lockers, which provide additional security and safety. We provide a secure system where recipients are sent locker access codes that are specific to them, so no parcel falls into the wrong hands.

They are the most secure way to transfer any item with full traceability and accountability throughout the handover process.

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