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It’s World Post Day this October 9th, which gives us a chance to reflect on the evolution of the mailroom, and the relevance it holds in our increasingly digital and technological world.

Traditional mailroom processes usually involve receiving and confirming receipt of each item with a signature, then the mail is stored, followed by a long distribution process of tracking down employees.

Businesses are now embracing digital mailroom solutions. This has resulted in a massive reduction in the time spent handling packages, creating a more efficient and cost-effective system.

Before we dive into more benefits of the digital mailroom process, particularly the effectiveness of OmniPost, we should consider how far mailroom management has come.

Historical Background

From the beginning of history, ‘postal services’ have existed in the form of messengers.

Mailroom tracking has even been around since Ancient Egypt, when they established the first known courier service, using papyrus scrolls, raw materials and linked military posts.

During the 1600s and 1700s, many countries established national postage systems and engaged in bilateral agreements for the exchange of mail between countries.

Eventually, in 1886, representatives from 22 countries signed the Treaty of Berne and established the General Postal Union.

During the 16th Universal Postal Union Congress, October 9th was declared as World Post Day!

The mail industry has continued to adapt since then, evolving alongside different technological advancements. It received a boost with the invention of the internet, and has continued to develop – which leads us to the creation of digital mailrooms.


Out with the old and in with the new – digital mailrooms are the new way forward!

It’s time to replace your outdated paper systems with a smart, intelligent, flexible, time-effective and efficient solution to parcel management system tracking.

OmniPost portal can track your deliveries, from start to finish. It shows you who received it, who it is for, where it is currently stored, how it is moving through the system, who delivered it, photos, and finally the proof of delivery signature or ID card scan.

Recipients can have access to all this information, as well as the opportunity to change delivery instructions, which saves time and can help staff be more productive.

It can provide valuable insights through comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, analysing data such as mail volumes, delivery times, and trends. It is the ultimate accountability and audit solution – flagging trends before they even become an issue.

On top of this, OmniPost offers built-in compliance features that assist organisations in meeting regulatory requirements.

At ExPD, we will tailor OmniPost to your organisation’s needs, including custom emails and integration with our smart-lockers solution.

In this day and age, your posting system should be simple, effective and efficient – with OmniPost you can achieve that!

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our Smart Locker solutions, please get in touch with our team at