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Intelligent lockers are a secure location to store packages and parcels, assets, medication and more.

Many businesses are realising the benefits of these super smart, smart lockers and it’s no surprise the demand is growing.

According to Transparency Market Research, the sales of intelligent lockers are expected to increase 10 percent each year, all the way through to 2030. 

ExPD provides a large range of lockers with our own Summit technology, which can be integrated with a bespoke plugin for your application.

How does it work?

It’s super simple!

An employee or courier enters the recipient’s details, including the locker size required. The parcel is then deposited, and a notification is sent to the recipient with a QR code.

All the recipient needs to do is scan the code to auto-open the locker door!

What are the benefits of Intelligent lockers?

1. Security

Secure and safe delivery is one of the most significant benefits of having intelligent lockers.

Our Intelligent Lockers are the most secure way to transfer any item, with full traceability and accountability.

We provide a full audit trail, so you can see when the locker was last accessed and by whom.

This extra protection is especially important if a parcel ever goes missing! You can finally have peace of mind that your parcels are safely stored.

Once a parcel has been delivered to the locker, the unique collection code is emailed to the recipient. The unique access code means the parcel won’t fall into the wrong hands.

2. Organisation

Intelligent lockers will help keep your team organised, while getting rid of inconvenient clutter. The reception or mailroom can become safer and mess-free, saving time, costs and complaints.

3. Convenience

Our intelligent lockers are available 24/7, so can be accessed whenever is most convenient to you. You can finally pick up your parcels when you are ready to retrieve them!

It takes only seconds to drop off and pick up items. They are also self-service, meaning no need for staff to be present for staff to collect items.

4. Efficiency

Intelligent lockers can improve the efficiency of your organisation, as there’s less need for manual management.

They are a perfect addition for high-traffic workplaces, and they are incredibly easy to use. There’s no need to coordinate delivery and collection, with 24/7 access and a smooth handover.

During busy periods, your staff will no longer need to deliver post and parcels to employees.Once the parcels are deposited into the lockers, automatic emails notify staff they have items to collect.

ExPD lockers result in cheaper costs. They can reduce time-consuming tasks, allowing staff to complete more productive work.

There is also no risk of human error and a decrease in missing packages.

5. Improved operations

ExPD intelligent lockers have smart feedback and communication features. You can collect data, and view performance to help you identify larger business problems.

They are simple to install, and fully customisable, including the style, colours, materials, branding, alerts and mechanisms.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our Smart Locker solutions, please get in touch with our team at