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Improve compliance with environmental legislation and never miss another inspection form with OmniCheck Enviro

OmniCheck Enviro App will improve compliance with environmental legislation and never let you miss another inspection form, audit form or other crucial information due to problems with paperwork and outdated systems.

An asbestos inspection is mandatory when an old building is demolished or is being renovated. Keep track of any suspicious asbestos situation with a mobile inspection app and ensure all your forms and data never get lost.

OmniCheck enables you to fill in asbestos inventories on your mobile device and handle all the administrative processes digitally. You can create your own bespoke app with our easy to use forms for asbestos inspections and keep track where exactly dangerous asbestos situations are occurring in any building.

An investigation into asbestos can be combined with a structural inspection. With the easy to use digital form creator, you can set preferences so that your users are unable to skip mandatory fields in the forms and question that are not relevant, won’t be visible.

Asbestos inventory

An asbestos inventory report is required with each removal of asbestos. After completing the asbestos inspection you can create a PDF document with the inspection results. These can be automatically forwarded to colleagues and to the organisation that examines the samples and removes the asbestos.

Smart forms

Digital forms are easy to use and much smarter than paper forms. Creating forms in OmniCheck requires no special skills. The data is sent automatically to the cloud – forwarding the data to a back-end system. An inspection app for asbestos is much more efficient than working with inspections on paper because:

  • Retyping a form is no longer necessary
  • The pictures of the samples are added automatically to the form
  • Forms will never get lost
  • The information is up-to-date, always accessible and safely stored
  • No more hassle with trying to read the handwriting of your colleagues
  • You no longer have to pick up and transfer paper forms
  • You no longer have to scan and email documents

OmniCheck Enviro app is optimised to speed up the survey process, whilst at the same time maintaining consistency and accuracy as well as the following key benefits:

  1. Before the survey – reduce your admin and improve your scheduling
  2. Help your surveyors with on-site data capture and instant upload
  3. Improve your lab by reducing their paperwork
  4. Produce survey reports with one click – and in your survey format reports specific to your company
  5. Share your reports instantly using the latest in cloud based technology.
  6. Invoice the job and close it off

OmniCheck enables you to efficiently carry out asbestos surveys and re-inspections using the latest mobile data collection technology ensuring your latest survey data is always available to the people who need it the most. Contact us today for a live demo