How OmniPost was created and where the solution is today?


Expert Peripheral Design Ltd has a long and enviable history of providing bespoke software solutions, however, ExPD’s more recent clients will recognise the business primarily for supplying our 5 main solutions: OmniPost, Asset-iOmniCheck, DWS and SkyVisitor. In fact, did you know that other than SkyVisitor, our other 4 solutions are all in-house builds created originally from a custom build.  

OmniPost was first created when ExPD were approached in 2010 by mailroom operators within a business looking for a better way to sort both their inbound and outbound mail. Having been identified for our strong software expertise, our talented tech team worked closely with the mailroom staff to build a specialised software solution that mimicked their existing traditional manual post room processes which would aid them into transitioning into a digital operation. 

OmniPost provided immediate benefits and payback to the client. ExPD then elected to ‘package’ the solution and offer it to other mailrooms who suffered other similar issues as already identified; lost items, no audit trail, no proof of delivery no KPI’s or reporting. 

“There is little doubt that an opportunity to offer a mailroom track and trace system existed, we were fortunate to have such a good track record and numerous ready to go clients that making the development investment was an easy decision, 130 clients’ later suggest it was a smart decision” – Adrian Harris continued “while 130 clients doesn’t sound many, to put that into perspective, many of these are tenanted buildings, and FM organisations, so the real number is probably nearer 400, and a further surprising statistic is OmniPost records approaching 2 million parcels per year”. 

OmniPost in 2020: 

Fast forward to 2020, OmniPost has over 100 organisations & 1000 operators using this product every day. The solution can be found in mailrooms across the United Kingdom and Europe, in industries including private residencies and apartment buildings, universities and council/public sectors. Capable of running the software using just 1 mobile device, this solution has never been easier and more accessible to both staff and management. 

OmniPost requires no local IT resource, it’s a secure website so accessible from anywhere. System delivery, configuration and training can all be provided remotely to ensure there’s no need for unnecessary site visitors (very topical during Covid times) and with the added benefit of not having to pay for on-site tech services. 

“I have been working with OmniPost for 4 years and the amount the system has developed in that time is amazing. The product which we are using today has evolved into a truly enterprise solution, whilst retaining its simplicity. 

When demonstrating the product, it is always interesting to hear feedback from clients as to what they would add to the system. I remember a client asking me ‘where is the homepage?’, I went back to the office mentioned it to our development team and dashboard was added. That dashboard now acts as a homepage with valid data and statistics on show for users. 

The client base in my 4 years has grown so much. We have deployed the system into so many different types of organisations, from schools, banks, tenanted offices to nuclear power stations.”  Will Harris – OmniPost Product Owner. 

What the future holds?:  

OmniPost is always improving, adapting and evolving to cater for new requirements and processes without compromising the existing working practices. All OmniPost customers get access to new features. Additionally, ExPD continually monitor available hardware and ensure we offer the best ‘fit for purpose’ equipment to compliment the solution. 

Smart Lockers have been added to the OmniPost solution and are available to order today. These were designed with COVID-19 and minimising the spread of infection in mind. A fantastic addition to your office/warehouse premises as we all adapt to a COVID-19 world and look towards 2021. 

“I think if you fast forward another 6 months, 1 year, 4 years the system will continue to evolve and improve, we will not be complacent as an in-house UK Based development team, we are agile and can adapt to ever-changing working practices and always deliver great tech and high-class service.” Will Harris – OmniPost Product Owner. 

To find out more about OmniPost, the smart lockers or arrange a free 30-minute demonstration of the solution, visit, email us at or give us a call on 01730 710100.