How will you manage Black Friday personal deliveries? 

One of the busiest times of the year for companies taking personal deliveries are fast approaching. What procedures has your company got for managing personal mail and ensuring it is collected within a reasonable time frame.  

The day of people lining up queuing outside shops trying to get the best deal look to have gone. With online retailers more than ever pushing their own Black Friday promotions, consumers now purchase their goods in their own free time either on their smart phone, PC or tablet.  

omnipost, personal deliveries,Last year it is reported that sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday injected around £7 billion into the British retail sector. This is an increase of around 28% compared to 2017, however in store purchases have actually dropped around 7% in the same time frame. This means that online shopping is where the real growth is.  

Organisations who offer to take personal mail face the task of managing the sharp increase in deliveries around Black Friday.  

How will organisations  

  1. Notify staff once their item has been received? 
  2. Remind staff to collect items if they are not collected? 
  3. Prove who received the item and where it was received? 
  4. Collect a signature on collection to prove item has got to final recipient? 

If items are not collected this can lead to the organisation having to hold large volumes of deliveries, which can take up valuable space in mail room and reception areas.  

If an item was to go missing the organisation may have to spend valuable time investigating where it went, potentially looking through CCTV footage trying to locate the delivery. Or worse case scenario some organisations may have to pay to have the item replaced if it cannot be located at all.  

Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a way to notify recipients as soon as their item has been received? If the item remained in mail room / reception automatically send reminder emails? Take a signature when the item has been collected as proof the item has been delivered? 

Using OmniPost ExPD’mail tracking system, would take care of all of this for you. When an item has been received by the mail room / reception simply log it into a OmniPost, at the point it is saved an email is sent to the final recipient to tell them they need to come and collect their item. If it remained uncollected the system would automatically send a reminder email after a certain time frame.

When the item is collected mail room / reception staff can collect a signature on a mobile device as proof of delivery to final recipient.  

Online shopping is expected to increase year on year, with more and more deliveries being made to the workplace. More deliveries are going to be made to the workplace and it is important organisations have the resources to deal with this increase.  

OmniPost is currently used at around 100 organisations across the UK helping to manage inbound items. Personal items are on the increase and putting a procedure in place to deal with these will help to save lots of time and headaches in the long run. 

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