ExPD’s return to the office

The last few months have been challenging for everybody following the COVID-19 outbreak, ExPD has been able to continue trading throughout with some changes to our working arrangementsWe have suitable Business Continuity Plan, and from the moment it was suggested we work from home we did. It was certainly a good test of the plan.  

Working at home saw us improve our Zoom skills, with both staff and client meetings using Zoom and Microsoft Teams as the norm.  We saw no loss of any of our services and believe we continued to serve our customers and prospects well during these difficult times. 

The beginning of July saw the return of all ExPD working staff back to the office, but not as normal. With a robust plan in action, in line with the UK Government Guidelines. A staggered rota was set for ‘tech team’ and ‘sales and marketing team’ to work on different days and some homeworking in order to adhere to the new office policies. 

Adrian Harris, Managing Director has set the office space up to allow a 2-metre distance between all staff members desks to comply with the social distancing rules, where desks are face to face, shields have been put up.  Each employee has been given hand sanitiser to be used after touching any non-personal equipmentEach desk has a bin to dispose of any rubbish to eliminate any possible cross-contamination. In addition, the staff have secure storage boxes to keep all personal belongings inside to minimise any spread of bacteria.  

At the end of the day, the office receives a deep clean from professional cleaners and the used desks are left for three days before any different member of staff can use this area. 

Here at ExPD, we have made sure that we take no risks when it comes to our staff and any other members of the public who enter our premises during these turbulent times. The office certainly feels like an odd place to be, however, it’s safe and functional and we are enjoying being back together and progressing forward with our on-going plans. 

We look forward to hearing from you all over the coming days and months.