ExPD launches dedicated Asset-i product for the ‘Automotive Industry’

What is Asset– Vehicle Smart Tracking?

A mobile and web-based platform for recording locations, movements and inspections of vehicles. ‘Ai Vehicle Smart’ utilises the main functionality of Asset-i with enhancements suited to tracking vehicles in auto centres, fleet storage, car auctions, dealerships and clients managing their own fleet of vehicles.

Ai AutoSmart doesn’t try to be overly clever; it simply enables vehicles to be identified and then each time they (or the keys) are moved this is recorded in the APP, thereby providing up to date status (and history) of vehicles and keys – the net result is the elimination of huge numbers of wasted hours looking for cars and keys.

With existing customers including fleet management, auto storage and airport block parking (storage) Ai AutoSmart is a proven solution.

“I’ve been in the barcode data collection industry for 28 years and worked closely with airport car parks, fleet management, dealerships and vehicle inspection applications for a very long time. The current use of smart devices to enhance vehicle management saves so much time and really does show a return on investment – it makes complete sense to track such high-value items. Any organisation which manages the location, condition, status of a vehicle – but sees the use of Tracker Devices either impractical, not applicable or unjustifiable then ‘Ai Vehicle Smart’ is a perfect solution.” – Adrian Harris, ExPD Managing Director

If you would like more information, why not arrange a free 30-minute remote demonstration or head to the contact us page if you have any questions about Asset-i.