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Despite a 5% decline in UK parcel deliveries last year, there were still 5.1 billion parcels shipped, received and returned in 2023, according to Pitney Bowes.

A large number of these will have been sent to the 32,163 schools, 381 colleges and 142 universities located across the UK.

Receptions and offices at educational institutions may be struggling to keep up with volumes, space limitations and campus-wide delivery – and most of all, staff and student expectations.

Staff and students expect fast, accurate shipping with timely notifications – which makes smart lockers the ideal solution.

Smart lockers provide a secure location for internal mail to be stored until staff and students are ready to collect them. Not only post and parcels, but tech equipment, important documents and personal belongings can be kept safe during the day, overnight or for longer periods of time.

Smart lockers for universities, schools and colleges

ExPD Smart Lockers are a cost-effective solution for on-site employees to manage deliveries, reducing the likelihood of lost and damaged parcels.

Many schools, colleges and universities spend an unnecessary amount of time and money on inefficient delivery systems. With smart lockers, there’s no need to hire employees or enlist your admin team to co-ordinate deliveries and track mail.

You can also find cost savings where package liability is no longer a problem – no money is lost trying to recover packages or students and staff missing out on their goods.

For personal belongings, the right kind of lockers can help you to reduce the time spent on managing hundreds of combinations, increasing staff productivity and decreasing long term admin costs.

Locker assignment and management is totally automated, and staff can view locker usage in real-time and collect data on student behaviour to further optimise storage.

Smart lockers for student accommodation

92% of students buy online at least once a month and parcels sent to a campus building or halls of residence carries the risk that parcels go missing or are stolen.

Smart lockers in student accommodation are ideal for students who struggle to receive packages at normal delivery times, due to their varying schedules and part-time work. Avid online shoppers can feel assured knowing their purchases are stored in a smart locker until they are ready to pick them up.

For reception, it frees up space while keeping packages highly organised. Our smart lockers can be installed anywhere with access to power and an internet connection – wired, WiFi or 4G/5G.

How smart lockers for educational institutions work

With our Summit smart locker software, lockers can be configured to meet your needs – e.g. for parcels or day-use for personal belongings. However you would like to use them, the way they work stays the same – it’s simple.

Once a parcel or item has been delivered to the locker, the unique collection code is emailed to the recipient. This unique access code means the parcel won’t fall into the wrong hands.

Losing parcels containing exam papers, teaching resources or even care packages from home while at university, can be extremely stressful. Our system can help prevent this.

Our lockers provide a real-time audit trail so you can track usage with easy operation via our app, web portal and locker interface.

With a combination of control, visibility and automated alerts, you’ll always know when items have been checked in and out and by who.

For more information about our smart lockers for education, please speak to our specialists at