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When mobile computers, scanners and printers are physically damaged beyond repair or they are no longer supported by software updates, your devices have reached their End of Life, and it’s time to retire them.

Read our blog for signs that your device is due an upgrade – in the meantime, here’s what we recommend you do next.

Check to see if devices can be repaired

Sometimes you may end up spending more time and money fixing devices yourself than you would have if you sent it off to be repaired. But while many manufacturers may offer repairs, it can’t be promised that specific parts will be available.

When the manufacturing of devices comes to an end so does the manufacturing of any spare parts. This can make repairs difficult down the road, where spare parts are hard to find or no longer available.

If you’re experiencing issues with your device, it would be a good idea to look into getting support before it is discontinued to ensure service is still available and parts are being manufactured.

Has your device been discontinued?

Devices which have reached their End of Life are often no longer supported with security updates by the manufacturer. Where your operating system may no longer be up to date and you don’t get regular patches for your hardware, this makes your devices more susceptible to viruses, security breaches and hackers.

You can still receive service on Zebra products for a period of time after they have been discontinued. This handy article shows you how to check if your Zebra product has been discontinued and when service and support for it will end.

You can view a list of discontinued mobile computers here, barcode scanners here and printers, here.

Trade in your device

Replacing barcode scanners, mobile computers and printers isn’t always cheap, which is one reason why Zebra created the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. This allows you to trade in current devices (from any manufacturer) and earn a rebate to put towards a newer model. Zebra then recycles your old devices, reducing landfill waste.

Zebra also has a Buy Back Program for mobile computers – it offers you the potential to get your money back for turning in Zebra pre-owned devices. You can then reinvest in purchasing new Zebra tech to meet your needs.

This service is available for select Zebra products, but if your devices don’t qualify, you can use the Go Zebra Trade-in service.

Refresh your Zebra device

While a product may be discontinued or reached its End of Life, there is likely to be a newer edition of the same device on the market or similar with more advanced features and functionality.

Have the Zebra TC20 or TC25? Upgrade to the TC22

In replacement of the TC20 and TC25, the TC22 mobile computers give the competitive edge you’re looking for. With business features that boost productivity and customer service, these durable devices are set to give you a better return on investment. They are compact, yet powerful, with a large six-inch display making them easy to read indoors and outdoors. Capture virtually any barcode, in any condition.

Using the DS4308? Upgrade to the DS4608

The DS4608 is a replacement of the DS4308 and it offers the versatility and scanning performance that you need to keep transactions fast and flowing. Whether you’re using for retail or manufacturing, this scanner can read tiny and dense barcodes printed on plastic and metal, including laser-etched direct part marks. An 800MHz microprocessor, high-res megapixel sensor and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM imaging technology provide instant barcode capture on even the most challenging barcodes.

If you have any questions about upgrading your devices, or end of life support, please get in touch with our specialists at