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Barcode scanners have revolutionised the way warehouses and distribution centres manage their inventory – improving accuracy, speed and overall efficiency.

Here, we look at how Zebra devices are designed to support warehouse inventory management.

  1. Data accuracy

When a product arrives at a warehouse, it is assigned a unique barcode that contains essential information, such as the product name, and batch/lot number.

Scanning these barcodes with Zebra hardware during receiving, picking, packing, and shipping, minimises the chances of human error. This significantly reduces the risk of miscounts, misplaced items, and incorrect shipments, ensuring inventory data is more reliable.

The Zebra TC52 and TC57 series, provide the ultimate user experience, with all the features workers need to maximise productivity and reduce error.

Advanced scanning technology and PRZM Intelligent Imaging deliver lightning-fast capture of printed and electronic 1D and 2D barcodes – regardless of condition.

  1. Long-range scanning

In many warehouses, for example, inventory may be located high on warehouse shelves, and when it’s time to scan items (or entire pallets) that can mean having to use a ladder to get up high or use a forklift to bring down the items so you can scan the right barcodes.

Zebra barcode scanners and mobile computers can eliminate these steps by allowing you to scan barcodes from far away. With the DS2200 scanner, workers can scan barcodes across a wide range (0.5 in./1.23 cm to 14.5 in./36.8 cm), improving speed and reducing training time.

They can also easily switch to hands-free mode by simply placing the imager in its stand – no change of settings is required.

This is helpful for any process that can benefit from not having to get within close range of barcodes in order to capture them. It’s also great for worker safety because it helps minimise some of the ladder and forklift use in a warehouse.

  1. Multi-code scanning

Sometimes you may need to scan a number of different barcode labels on a pallet or even on a single product or shipping box in order to track and manage warehouse inventory.

Instead of having to scan all of those barcodes individually, one by one, barcode scanners such as Zebra’s 3600 Series have built-in multi-scan capabilities that allow you to scan up to 20 barcodes at one time.

Simply wave your scanner across the face of a pallet or different sides of a box, and all the barcodes you need to scan will be captured easily.

This results in cutting seconds or minutes off scanning time, and when you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of inventory items, assets or shipments, it adds up quickly to a lot of time and effort saved.

  1. Durability

In the barcode scanning world, Zebra is already well-known for its unbeatable product durability, but its 3600 Series industrial scanners have taken ruggedness to an entirely new level, offering 23% greater durability than any other competing device.

The TC52 series are also rugged and ready for any warehouse environment. You can drop it in water, on concrete and use it in dusty areas, out in the rain or snow — and still expect reliable operation.

The Corning® Gorilla® Glass touch panel and imager window also provide maximum scratch-resistance and shatter-proofing.

In short, by reducing errors, improving speed, accuracy and streamlining operations, Zebra devices can help warehouses operate more efficiently and effectively, ultimately contributing to increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

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