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Replenishment involves restocking inventory so that it may be picked, packed and shipped, to be delivered to customers.

The goal is to maintain optimal stock levels, taking into account factors such as customer demand, lead times and inventory turnover.

Understocking and overstocking are more likely when warehouses don’t have the right tools in place. Also, manually recording stock or searching through files is not an efficient use of time and money.

By implementing a barcode scanning system, workers can quickly retrieve and record information, improving inventory tracking and quality control for warehouse operations.

Barcode scanners and mobile computers

The use of technologies such as barcode scanners and mobile computers will help you to optimise the replenishment process and improve accuracy with inventory management.

Scanning barcodes on the product or package, which contain its unique information, reduces the chance of recording an incorrect number of stock added. It goes without saying that automating the process is faster than using pen and paper, which results in improved productivity and efficiency.

Mobile computers, used together with barcode scanners create a fully mobile warehouse replenishment process. When both are integrated with your Warehouse Management System (WMS), it allows for the transfer of information back and forth, wirelessly. This speeds up the replenishment process as workers don’t have to keep walking back to their fixed workstation to access data.

Barcode scanners also support replenishment process by validating picked items against customer orders, minimising packing errors, and ensuring the right products are shipped.

Here’s how Datalogic hardware supports warehouse replenishment

PowerScan 9600 series

The Datalogic 9600 series is a top-of-the-range rugged barcode scanner, designed to support businesses fulfilling customer deliver demands.

The 2D scanner is embedded with industrial connectivity, allowing it to connect with a PC or tablet, and as a cordless device, workers can freely walk around a warehouse, scanning items and inputting data from the built-in keypad.

Depending on the performance level you need, you can choose form three different scanners – Standard for normal reading ranges, High Performance for longer distance reading and Document Capture which will take colour images for quality control.


The smallest and most lightweight of Datalogic’s handheld scanners, the HandScanner is wearable and gives its users ability to be hands-free while stocking items.

A simple click of a button is all that is required to identify a barcode. Operators can continue to use both hands while wearing the HandScanner, which is flat and compact. It’s even proven to reduce repetitive strain injury and is less prone to accidental damage. In addition, the HandScanner gives 33% fewer incorrect readings. The productivity gains experienced are unrivalled.

Combining the HandScanner with Datalogic’s mobile computers, such as the Memor 11 or Skorpio X5 further enhances worker productivity with full data collection capability suitable for any kind of application. Its light weight, fast scan time, long battery life, quick charge capability, and unique notification features makes this the product that will help to maximise the efficiency of your warehouse replenishment operation.

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