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Order picking is at the heart of warehouse operations.

When a customer order arrives, someone has to “pick” that product from the shelves so that it can be packaged and shipped – this accounts for roughly 55% of a warehouse’s overall operating expenses.

Warehouses may rely on one or more kinds of picking (such as zone picking or batch picking), while some have turned to automation to make the order picking process more effective. No matter what system is used, warehouses share the same goal to improve both the efficiency and accuracy of the order picking process.

Here’s how Datalogic’s mobile computers can support this:

Improve reliability

The Skorpio X5 provides ultra-reliability, as a result of its future-proof charging technology. This new charging model means it is less prone to failure, dust accumulation and bacterial growth.

It also has swappable battery technology and state-of-the art charging and battery management – perfect for those long shifts!

However, don’t forget about the Memor 11, with its advanced battery management and wireless charging features – eliminating the need for cables.

It has a long-lasting replaceable battery, which means the user can swap out the battery without turning off the device. The Memor 11 also offers versatile Smart Battery Management, with the option to extend battery life by up to 20%.


Within the transport and logistics industry, there is an increasing need to run several power-consuming applications at once. The choice of processor is critical.

With the powerful CPU selected for the Skorpio X5, it can deliver all the power needed for the most advanced mobile applications, and can run several of these functions at once.


Every warehouse can benefit from a handheld mobile computer!

Barcode systems can provide a wealth of information about an order, including essential travel data, destination information and storage conditions.

The Skorpio X5 has the ability to read close and distant barcodes in a heartbeat. It’s Extra-Long-Range Imager is perfect for all applications where a device needs to effortlessly read codes at a variation of distances.

Pickers on forklifts can even remain seated during warehouse operations!

The Memor 11 is also equipped with a high-quality barcode scanner, which allows users to capture data quickly and accurately, even in low light conditions such as dark warehouses.


Datalogic mobile computers are less challenging, easy to navigate and have user-friendly interfaces. Many of these devices use the same operating system.

The Memor 11 and Skorpio X5 are both certified as Android™ Enterprise Recommended – having passed Google’s rigorous testing.

The Memor 11 comes with Google Mobile Services, including a range of applications such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and Google Play.

It also has a sleek, compact, and durable design, which is easy to carry.


The Skorpio X5 resists shocks and can work in the harshest environments.

It is strengthened by additional bumpers and a specifically designed rubber boot, so you can ensure maximum robustness.

It can also withstand multiple drops up to 1.8 m / 6 ft onto concrete, accompanied by Gorilla Glass®, which protects the display against accidental damage.

The Memor 11 is extremely rugged too! It has been proven to withstand more drops than comparable devices on the market.

Both are an ideal choice for environments where durability is essential!


Automation is becoming increasingly popular within the transport and logistics industry, particularly in regard to order picking.

It can save so much time, with traditional manual picking taking significantly longer to complete.

Our online fixed scanners are standalone and can be installed over existing conveyors – we can specify and design a control system for most automation requirements.

They have the ability to read and upload 6,000 parcels an hour!

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our Datalogic mobile computers, please get in touch with our team at