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Celebrate National Barcode Day this June 26!

Here at ExPD, we have been industry leaders in barcode tracking technology for over three decades. Therefore, it should be no surprise that we love barcodes more than anything else!

We design, test, and implement bespoke barcode tracking systems to meet your exact requirements.

National Barcode Day on June 26 commemorates the momentous event in retail culture, when a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum was scanned with a Universal Product Code (U.P.C) at a grocery store in Troy, Ohio.

A pack of Juicy Fruit chewing gum was selected for its size, as some people doubted small packages could be effectively imprinted and scanned with a barcode. Wrigley’s wanted to prove them wrong, and he did.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the barcode truly took off, with Kmart and Walmart being two of the first to adopt the technology, due to its tremendous benefit of cataloguing and tracking.

Since then, barcodes have continued to be one of the best achievements for the grocery industry.

It has been in use for almost 50 years, leading to increased accuracy and efficiency to industries and enterprises across the globe.

In today’s world, barcodes are used for so much more than a packet of Wrigley’s gum. They can be used as part of the purchasing process, to track and manage inventory in warehouses and for invoices to assist with accounting. The possibilities are endless!

Working with Datalogic, we want to show you how barcode tracking technology can immeasurably change your life. From transportation to retail, we’ve got you covered!

Pharmacies and hospitals

Our barcode tracking systems are renowned for delivering solutions that are perfect for safety, accountability, service, and security in a healthcare environment.

We have tried and tested our systems to deliver safe, secure, cost-effective, transparent storage and dispensing of medications.

Have a look at our Medicine Inventory Control System (MICS), which increases the accuracy of issuing medications in busy pharmacies and hospitals. It also reduces reportable clinic incidents, paperwork, and the risk of errors.

Its advanced inventory control software provides you with complete visibility and control over the location of your medical supplies and who has accessed them.

Managed buildings and offices

ExPD barcode technology is renowned for delivering solutions, such as our internal mailroom tracking, so you can manage parcels throughout your building to your tenants or teams. You can also leverage our SUMMIT smart locker technology, for the management of keys, IT assets or office equipment and excellent visitor and contractor management systems.

Check out our internal mail tracking, OmniPost, which is perfect for mailrooms and receptions. This is the best way to ensure safety and security of documents and parcels sent between departments or organisations. You can view every step of your packages journey, helping reduce costs associated with lost or damaged packages.


Our barcode systems can respond quickly to the challenging demands of the retail sector, where safety, security, accountability, and traceability are so important.

The new QuickScan 2500 imager form Datalogic is perfect, due to its ability to read a full range of barcodes and scan through plexiglass barriers. It is an incredibly affordable price, becoming quickly the most desirable addition to the Datalogic family.

However, you can also purchase a more premium scanner, such as the Gryphon 4500 series.

The design of this handheld scanner means it perfectly fits your grip, reduces operator fatigue, and has a high megapixel sensor for outstanding reading results. This scanner can also be purchased both wired, and wireless.

Transport and logistics

Very few sectors have the levels of safety, safeguarding and accountability than the transport and logistics sector. We have worked extensively to understand it’s unique challenges.

The Memor 11 is the best hand-held device for all kinds of transportation and logistics applications. It is also extremely adaptable, with an attachable handle for easily switching between mobile computer style and traditional handheld scanning operations.

This is perfect for enterprises who seek the power of a mobile computer with a robust design, ultra-reliable battery, and enhanced scanning performance.

You can also use the Memor 11 anywhere, due to its built-in LTE capability, keeping you connected to the network even when Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Or, try out the Memor 20 and put real power in your hands! It’s long-lasting battery life and contact free-wireless charging makes this the best device for tough, busy work environments.

The Memor 20 is vital for businesses that want to move ahead and provide their workforce with more autonomy and the means to fulfil customer demand.

For more information about our solutions, or to enquire about our hardware range, get in touch with our team at