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Mobile devices have never been so important in the world of transportation and logistics, due to the rapid digitisation of global supply chains.

In transport and logistics, most work takes place in warehouses and vehicles, and standard devices often fail to keep up with these environments.

In a Panasonic survey of warehouse and logistic managers, 55% of respondents said providing workers with suitable devices was one of the greatest challenges in the industry.

However, this can easily be solved by switching to rugged devices.

Rugged devices are a type of hardware superficially designed to operate in challenging environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, water, dust and other hazards.

At ExPD we have a wide range of high-performance products to transform your logistics processes, including the Skorpio X5 handheld scanner.

  1. Durability

If you are likely to work in an environment with extreme temperatures and potential hazards; you need a device that functions properly and efficiently.

The Skorpio X5 can face the toughest of challenges. It can withstand drops of up to 6ft on concrete, as well as additional bumpers to ensure maximum robustness.

It has a fully rugged PDT that resist shocks, sealed from dust, protected against water jets with an IP65 rating and gorilla glass to protect the display against accidental damage.

  1. Reliability

The Skorpio X5 can provide businesses with a reliable, secure platform to access and interact data. It can also provide tracking, monitoring and communicates critical information.

It comes with hot swappable battery technology, ultra-reliable contactless charging and a state-of-the-art charging battery management.

The long battery life gives users enough power to get through the entire day without having to recharge or replace batteries. No more worries about running out of power!

  1. Return on Investment

Rugged devices can cost more upfront; however, they are designed to last longer. The average life span of a rugged mobile is frequently claimed to be twice than its standard equivalent.

They need less maintenance and repairs, resulting in cost savings over time. It is a wise investment, with a high yield return.

Purchasing a rugged device will also improve productivity, which when scaled across the whole business, can provide a substantial cost in savings.

  1. Productivity

Rugged devices are designed to multi-task and work seamlessly, while running demanding applications.

This streamlines the workflow process, but also means less time juggling multiple devices. Everything you need is right at the end of your fingertips!

You can keep track of all the activities in the delivery process and warehouse, with real time accessible information available to managers.

The Skorpio X5 is designed for increased productivity and a decrease in error rates.

Staff can run the most demanding mobile applications simultaneously, using the computing power of the market-leading Qualcomm SDA660 System-on-Chip.

Its improved connectivity and enhanced capabilities can allow supply chain organisations to streamline their process and increase productivity.

  1. Comfortability

The Skorpio X5 has a light, ergonomic and balanced design.

It can be hung in a belt holder when not in use and you can select a keypad that best fits your specification and operational needs.

There is also a wide range of other accessories on the market to help improve productivity, such as a dash mounted charging cradle and a hand strap.

The Skorpio X5 also offers the additional option of a rubber boot accessory for increased protection.

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