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In an industry as regulated as healthcare, it’s never more important to ensure safety, accuracy and reduce errors.

Designed specifically for hospitals and healthcare providers, Zebra healthcare devices ensure your employees capture data while focusing on what matters most – patient care.

Here are some of the main benefits of Zebra barcode scanners and mobile computers in healthcare.

Enhances patient care

Disjointed systems can introduce unnecessary or even dangerous delays and errors into medical care giving or administration. This makes it difficult to deliver the best care to your patients.

However, Zebra barcode scanners give clinicians the edge with quality features and capabilities. They can be used at:

  • Patient admission and identification – patients can be identified from wristbands given to them when admitted to hospital, these show unique barcodes which enable clinicians to find out up-to-the-minute information about their patients.
  • Point of care – Patient samples and specimens can be collected and identified with the scan of a barcode at point of care, reducing the risk of them being misplaced or misidentified.
  • Lab – when in the lab, errors are reduced where patient samples can be processed and matched to the correct patient
  • Pharmacy – medications can be prescribed and administered with a complete audit trail of a patient’s medication.

Increases operational efficiencies

In busy hospitals and pharmacies, tools which can help manage resources, locate medication and equipment, and simply workflows are critical to their efficiency.

Zebra hardware is designed to effectively track patient medication, equipment and costs.

Mobile computers allow you to identify and locate expensive assets wherever they are in your building, with instant visibility of the location of each and every piece of tagged hospital equipment provided by a barcode.

Staff can also rapidly and accurately take inventory on a daily basis, making sure they have the right supplies and medications available.

Improves safety

A recent study revealed that 94% of healthcare workers’ mobile phones contained bacterial growth, which can not only be dangerous to patients, but also staff themselves. They must be disinfected with cleaning solutions – which, let’s face it not all medical staff have time for.

Mobile computers, such as Zebra’s TC52-HC use only disinfectant-ready, medical grade plastics. Screw holes are covered, and the number of crevices and seams have been minimised to eliminate places where germs can hide. Clog resistant audio grills prevent debris and disinfectants from entering the receive, protecting audio quality. They’re also able to withstand cleaning with a wide range of disinfectants. As a result, patients and staff are less at risk of becoming seriously unwell.

Improves employee productivity

Misplaced records, tracking samples and test results are everyday occurrences in a busy hospital, but just how much lost time and stress is this causing hospital staff? Your teams could be doing more and spending more time on patient care with the help of Zebra hardware.

With Zebra barcode scanners such as the DS2200-HC series your staff can work quickly and effectively. With 14 hours of power, the cordless scanners are always available for use – there’s no need to waste valuable time recharging a battery during a clinician’s shift.

In the lab and pharmacy, some tasks may be better suited for handheld scanning and others for hands-free. With the DS2200-HC Series, switching modes is fast and easy. Simply place the scanner in the optional presentation stand to automatically switch to hands-free mode; then pick up the scanner for handheld mode.

Work seamlessly with ExPD MICS system

Zebra hardware works seamlessly with our medication stock management system – MICS. Our advanced inventory control software gives you complete visibility and control over the location of your medical supplies and who has access to them.

Medical supplies are managed by item, batch number and expiry date which can all be accessed with the scan of a barcode.

Learn more about MICS here, or contact our team at