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Mobile Data Collection Solutions

The ability to capture and verify data quickly and accurately is critical to the success of your company, no matter what industry you are in. These solutions put you in control of your inventory, assets and information.

For organisations that use paper based forms, the mobile workforce is subjected to the tedious and error prone capture of information throughout the day. The information collected must then be touched a second time and entered into the computer system resulting in costly labour intensive processes and the extraordinarily slow movement of information throughout the business process flows.

Customisable mobile data collection forms in conjunction with mobile computers are helping people around the world to save time & money while growing their business. With simple form building software such as Asset-i and OmniCheck you can start collecting the data you need in minutes, with no coding or IT support required.


Benefits of Mobile Data Collection Solutions:


  • Create intelligent adaptable mobile forms that can be specific to your industry and company.
  • Task Management has never been so easy. Create tasks and assign them to responsible parties, then manage user permissions to allow editing rights and more.
  • Create workflows with information gathered by the users that will trigger further actions and workflows, including approval processes.
  • Easily integrated into your IT systems, enabling you to create a custom solution that fits your existing infrastructure.
  • Track your goods at every level of the supply chain and ensure your inventory goes where it needs to go.
  • Data Collection – gather & measure data to improve business efficiency and profitability.

Handheld mobile computers such as Datalogic’s Memor K or Opticon’s HC-31 are used as part of the Mobile Data Collection Solutions to quickly and efficiently collect the data when and where you want to and will interface directly with your business software in real-time. Enterprise-class versus consumer-grade terminals can offer superior durability in harsh environments and are also robust tools to interface with your ERP software.

Fast-moving companies need a constant exchange of real-time information to guarantee efficiency, responsiveness and performance. Mobile Data Collection Solutions allows your workers to capture, record and transfer data in any situation to ensure your business maximises its efficiency and profitability.

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