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Datalogic Memor 10 Rugged Android PDA

Memor™ 10 is Datalogic’s first device in a new family of rugged Android PDA devices, offering a slim and compact design while embedding the latest 2D barcode imaging technology for high performance scanning.  The Memor 10 incorporates Datalogic’s industry first wireless charging system for ultra-reliable contactless charging while still offering a 1 piece swappable battery.

Being one of the first Google™ “Android Enterprise Recommended” devices in the rugged space, Memor 10 leverages a state of the art platform, while Datalogic backs it with a new service program tailored for its Android devices, offering peace of mind with regular security updates, guaranteed version upgrades and service and support for years after the end of its lifecycle.

Memor 10 Datasheet

Memor 10 Android Enterprise Recommended Validation