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ExPD offer the best label printers on the market that are suitable for a variety of businesses. From healthcare, retail, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation and logistics, high performing label printers are the perfect product to keep your business productive by enabling printing on-site and on-demand.

There’s a choice for every business with popular devices such as Zebra ZQ600, ZQ300, ZD400 and many more. With a simplified setup, portable label printers are designed to be self-reliant and durable, offering a high level of security.


Types of label printers

Portable label printers

The Zebra ZQ600 and ZQ300 are premium mobile label and receipt printers that are suitable for retail, manufacturing and warehousing and transportation and logistics.

Portable label printers can print:

  • Shelf edge labels
  • Markdown labels
  • Replacement tags
  • Mobile point of sales receipts and return labels
  • Picking and packing labels and lists
  • Palette labels
  • Cycle counts
  • Cross-docking and picking

Save time with portable printing

Portable label printers can help you be more productive and save a lot of time. Carrying a printer around means no more going back and forth to a stationary printer. This time-saver means more can be achieved in a shift and allows employees to print labels or receipts while on the move.

Desktop label printers

Desktop label printers are available in thermal transfer and direct thermal, some specific for the healthcare sector healthcare, and some including RFID encoding. They offer fast printing speeds, excellent print quality and are simple to manage.

Healthcare printers are ideal for healthcare professionals for printing lab and specimen labels, medication labels, patient ID and wristbands, asset labels and patient record labels.

The ZD and GK series are suitable for light manufacturing, retail, services, transportation, and logistics printing such as:

• Agency labels
• Product labels
• Apparel labels
• Inventory labels
• Shipping labels

Industrial label printers

We offer industrial printers, such as the Zebra ZT600 and ZT400, which has 24/7 reliability in the harshest environments. The user-friendly setup and highly adaptable features make it a future-ready platform.

Industrial printers are ideal for a range of industries. From manufacturing, retail, healthcare and transportation and logistics. They can print labels for the following:

  • Product ID and serial numbers
  • Package labelling
  • Receiving and putting away labelling
  • Order picking/packaging
  • Shipping
  • Cross docking
  • Compliance labelling
  • Distribution centres and back-of-store operations
  • Laboratory labelling
  • Blood bank labelling
  • Asset tracking
  • Pharmacy labelling

Industrial label printers are the perfect solution for professional applications in warehouses and logistics. They are suitable for high volume printing and printing various label sizes on demand.

We can supply a range of barcode scanners and mobile computers that easily pair with your label printers. Making it the perfect solution to keep your business operations organised and efficient.

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Frequently asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions that we receive concerning Label printers:

What are label printers?

Label printers are more advanced than your standard desktop or office printer. They are made specifically for barcode printing, receipt printing, label printing and POS (Point of Sale) printing. Most label printers tend to use thermal printing, which means they use heat rather than rely on ink to produce labels.

What can label printers be used for?

You can use label printers for numerous activities. For example, industries such as retail use label printers for receipts, price tags and barcode labels. The medical industry relies on label printers for packaging labels, printing blood type labels and laboratory specimen marking and asset management. Label printers are also widely used in events industries for tickets, transportation, and logistics and much more.

Benefits of label printers for businesses

There are numerous benefits to label printers. Printed labels help with asset tracking, tracking deliveries and even help with the sale of items and keeping on top of inventory. They are great for running stock takes and audits, as well as creating reports for management and external regulators.

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