Barcode scanners

We offer a range of 1D and 2D barcode scanners suitable for retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and delivery services for easy access to asset tracking, accessing data and information for products or items.

We have an entire range of barcode scanners available, such as wired, wireless, mobile, integrated, rugged and BlueTooth that can sync up with mobile phones for efficiency. Whatever your business, there’s a barcode scanner to suit your needs.

Selecting the best barcode scanner for your business

We have a selection of scanners to choose from to help make your business more efficient. Depending on what your business does, and the environments you work in, there are plenty of barcode scanners suited to a variety of environments.

Barcode scanners are great for the following situations and sectors:

  • Point of sales
  • Loyalty applications
  • Electronic coupons
  • Redemption
  • Check-in
  • Ticketing (concerts, sporting events and more)
  • Back-of-store shipping and receiving
  • Transport ticketing (trains, buses, airports)
  • Postal
  • Product and component tracking
  • Work-in-process
  • Administration
  • Banking

Rugged barcode scanners

Rugged barcode scanners can survive the harshest environments, from managing cold temperatures, to being dropped from over a metre high, and being water-resistant. These types of scanners are suited to warehouses, industrial sites, and manufacturing plants.

Wired barcode scanners

Wired barcode scanners are perfect for retail and manufacturing spaces. Most come with interchangeable cables, auto-trigger and high-speed moving object scanning abilities, with 100 scans per second.

Wireless barcode readers

Businesses that operate in warehouses, deliveries, or retail will benefit most from portable, wireless barcode scanners. Both wired and portable wireless barcode scanners can easily pair with a tablet or mobile phone for ease of use and instantly update systems.

Many barcode readers come with Bluetooth technology, and even when a connection is unavailable, the companion barcode scanner can store data locally.

Healthcare scanners

There are specialist scanners made for healthcare asset tracking. These scanners adapt to any clinician workflow. Healthcare scanners are used by a range of healthcare professionals for positive patient identification, medicine administration, inventory management, pharmacy, electronic medical record access and specimen collection.

Barcode scanner brands

We only stock the best, with a selection of Zebra, Opticon and Datalogic barcode scanners, each with its own specialism.

Zebra barcode scanners

Zebra are simply the largest Auto-ID manufacturer in the world and has a huge range providing a scanners for every situation.

Zebra offers a wide range of barcode scanners. These include handheld and ultra-rugged barcode scanners, with Bluetooth compatibility and a range of healthcare scanners suitable for medical professionals.

Opticon barcode scanners

Opticon are a great example of providing niche products to fill the gaps and product performance driven by customer demand.

Datalogic barcode scanners

Datalogic are the world’s leading supplier of barcode scanner technology ranging from low-cost PC/Epos scanners to overhead camera scanners to capture barcode and parcel dimensions.  An example of a leading Datalogic product is the Datalogic PowerScan 9501 series. These scanners have been tested and withstand extreme environmental conditions and maintain consistent reading standards. They come as corded and cordless with Bluetooth wireless technology. We also offer the Datalogic Gryphon 4500 series, which is lower maintenance but still beautifully designed and a highly desirable handheld barcode scanner for retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and commercial services.

Contact the team at ExPD to discuss the different types of scanners we supply, and which barcode scanner will be the best option for your business.

Frequently asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions that we receive concerning barcode scanners.

What is a barcode scanner?

A barcode scanner is an electronic device that can scan and read unique barcodes. Barcode scanners decode and capture the information contained in each barcode.

They are made up of a light source, to illuminate the barcode for easy reading, a lens to scan the barcode, a photoconductor to translate optical impulses into electrical ones, and the decoder which analyses the data and sends information to the scanners output source (I.e. a mobile device).

What does a barcode scanner tell you?

A barcode scanner can provide you with all sorts of information, depending on what software you use, you can find out the location, product information, warranty dates, maintenance reminders and POS to improve the efficiency and organisation of your business.

What can you use barcode scanners for?

You can use a barcode scanner for a range of activities, such as POS at supermarkets, to track and find inventory in warehouses, to track and trace medical equipment and tablets for patients and much, much more. Barcode scanners are perfect for asset tracking, auditing and reporting.

What are the different types of barcode scanners?

There are a few different types of scanners available, each one is suitable for its own industry. You can get handheld scanners, rugged scanners, built-in scanners for retail and specific medical scanners.

What are the benefits of a barcode scanner?

Barcode scanners come with plenty of benefits. They’re easy to deploy , and prevent human error when tracking and finding information on products. They offer real-time updates and reduce the amount of time your employees spend looking and tracking assets or inventory.

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