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OmniPost University Internal Mail Tracking App

Ease of use and access from anywhere are just two reasons why OmniPost University Internal Mail Tracking App is the perfect solution for your internal mail tracking needs.

It is an inbound, mail tracking system that can be used in an endless number of tracking scenarios. It can easily be adapted to manage your inventory, mail parcel, legal documents, exam papers, student mail and much, much more. Best of all, the tracking system is completely customisable by you so you can change it to your University’s needs in minutes.

With online retail sales in the UK expected to reach £60 billion in 2016, the phenomenon of online shopping is showing no signs of slowing. According to the latest stats from IMRG, nearly half (49.6 per cent) of these online retail sales are now made on mobiles and many companies offer free delivery encouraging students and staff alike to have parcels delivered regularly. Keep on top of the daily deliveries of parcels from Amazon, ASOS etc without employing extra staff with OmniPost.

It is also scalable and designed to provide maximum benefits with minimal use of network resources. OmniPost allows you to process hundreds, if not thousands of packages a day from the same building, multiple buildings, or campuses. With easy integration with your central database and a robust web interface, OmniPost requires minimal IT maintenance and support.

The app is easily integrated with mobile computers (PDAs) or standard tablets and phones providing you with a total mail tracking solution that says goodbye to the clip board and reams of paper. Download Datasheet

Key Benefits:

  • Automatically e-mail students or staff when packages are delivered to their mailbox or available for pickup.
  • Capture the signature (and even a photograph) of student’s who pick up packages for proof-of-delivery and accountability.
  • Capture images of damaged or part open parcels
  • Know how many packages and how often your recipients receive packages.
  • Create metric reports that allow you to analyse students’ mail trends and patterns.
  • Track other assets: books, equipment, files, and even visitors.
  • Control which users, groups, and departments are able to update package information and perform operations.

Application Areas:

  • Mailroom (receipt from courier to delivery)
  • Hall of Residence Parcel Tracking
  • Print and Copy Bureau Tracking
  • Room Key and Pass Allocation
  • Exam Paper Tracking
  • Loan Items Tracking

OmniPost University Internal Mail Tracking App is an ideal solution for Universities that want to provide a complete audit trail of signed for items coming into the University before they are delivered or collected by the final recipient.