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OmniPost Mail Tracking Software: White City Place Case Study

White City Place is a new creative campus in White City, made up of the MediaWorks and The Westworks. White City has a rich history: turn-of-the-century expositions, the 1908 Olympics and a long heritage of broadcast. But over the last decade, even more changes have taken place, turning this area into a burgeoning innovation hub. White City Place sits at the heart of this activity. Today White City Place homes more than 4,000 members of staff, a number which is expected to grow.

Challenges & Installation

The White City Place mail room takes receipt and therefore responsibility for over 2,000 parcels, boxes, recorded letters and secure documents per month. The mailroom must ensure that each item is recorded and delivered to the recipient in a timely manner.

The method for recording the inbound items was to manually record every item in a book. At point of delivery the mail room would ask the recipient to sign next to their item. This process was very time consuming and White City Place were aware that this needed to be improved, as the number of parcels were increasing along with the number of recipients in the buildings.

White City Place identified OmniPost as a potential solution to speed up the process, as well as improve the accuracy of records and to improve the service offered to the recipients. Will Harris of ExPD visited White City Place and demonstrated how the mailroom tracking software would benefit the company, OmniPost was chosen as the perfect solution.

When an item arrives at White City Place it is now booked into the web-based solution, recording information such as the courier, auto date and time the item arrived, the recipient and the tracking number. At the point the item is saved an email is sent to the recipient to notify them of their delivery.

When items are delivered the mailroom team simply scan all the items they are delivering with their mobile computer (PDA), then collect a signature for all items delivered. Once this data is sent back to the system it shows the date and time the item was delivered, who signed for it and the POD signature. This gives White City Place a complete audit trail for every item received into the mail room and its journey to its final delivery point.

As the system is web based White City Place have access from any PC and can see the status of the mail room. They can see which items are outstanding, awaiting collection and delivered. Reports are also extracted from the system which help to monitor the post rooms work load, productivity and performance.


Mark McEwen of White City Place says “Since installing OmniPost the service offered to our clients has improved greatly, we are able to notify them automatically when an item is received. Collecting a signature on a PDA visually improves the service and fits with modern culture the of White City Place.

We wanted a system that was easy to use, simple to install and provides visibility of the number of items we are receiving.

We are also in better contact with our recipients as when an item arrives, OmniPost automatically emails them. We change the text of the email frequently to notify our clients of events that are happening around White City Place.

ExPD have been excellent since we decided we were going to use OmniPost, we had the system up and running within 2 weeks of the go ahead, and the UK based support has been on hand when we have had questions about the system. I would recommend OmniPost to any mail room who are receiving lots of inbound items.”

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