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Next generation asset management software to run on Android based DL-Axist mobile computer

ExPD recommends Datalogic mobile computer as part of new Asset Management solution for manufacturing

Datalogic, a global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, is pleased to announce that data collection systems specialist, ExPD, has chosen the DL-Axist as a core component of its next generation asset management solution, Asset-i.

The updated version of Asset-i, which was launched by ExPD this month, includes new features and functionality that will help organisations to streamline their asset management processes and is ideally suited to customers in the manufacturing industry.

“Asset management can be a labour intensive process for manufacturing firms,” states ExPD’s sales director, Adrian Harris. “A third of companies estimate that it costs them nearly £30,000 per annum to locate missing assets, with write off costs for some organisations reaching almost £300,000 a year. Assets that are written off, often have to be replaced at additional cost and in many cases, assets that are lost are later found; a huge headache for companies. Asset-i enables companies to gain a real-time view of all their assets, their condition and location across the enterprise.”

One of the main differences of the new Asset-i software is that it is web based, allowing information to be accessed across multiple devices including desk based computers and devices on the shop floor like the DL-Axist Android rugged mobile computer. In addition, Asset-i also now incorporates features from another ExPD solution, Omni Check, which enables customers to configure their own applications to manage the inspection of equipment.

The ability to inspect fixed assets such as machinery using the DL-Axist offers significant benefits to manufacturing organisations, many of which are operating machinery on a 24/7 basis. Asset-i will enable engineers to carry out proactive checks on machines, safeguarding them from unplanned downtime and the often lengthy remedial repair work required. Instead of relying on spreadsheets or even more inflexible and outdated manual processes, companies can dramatically improve productivity and ultimately, reduce the associated cost of managing assets. One of ExPD’s clients, using the OmniCheck solution, was able to realise a return on their investment in less than one year, simply by reducing machine downtime and making better use of maintenance resource.

“We chose the DL-Axist as its durability and long battery life make it a perfect companion for engineers working in industrial environments,” explains Harris. “In addition, the device has 2D scanning capabilities which offers the ability to capture more data about assets via 2D barcodes. DL-Axist is also perfectly suited to handle onward distribution of any goods produced, meaning that the same device can be used by companies outside the four walls and into the wider supply chain. We have already partnered with Datalogic on other solutions and feel assured that their extremely knowledgeable and efficient team will enable us to provide our customers the best possible support for their hardware.”

Richard Salmons, UK&I sales manager, manufacturing at Datalogic concludes, “Asset-i provides manufacturers with a comprehensive solution for streamlining asset management while providing management teams with valuable real-time reporting and potential to improve operational profits. We are delighted that Datalogic’s DL-Axist will form an integral part of this solution and look forward to continuing our successful partnership with ExPD.”