OmniPost Functionality


Items arrive at the mail room, (by courier, post, staff, hand delivery, etc). The item is logged into the system (date and time stamped), the courier and service level is recorded, any special remarks noted (eg damaged box) etc.


Not all items which arrive in the Post room are ready to be delivered immediately to a recipient. By using the Transfer option, items can be scanned together with scanning (as configured) the transfer location, thereby recording the new location of the item(s).


Items can be collected from individuals, departments, other mail rooms: assuming the items are pre-labelled the items are scanned and taken back to the post room, where more detailed information can be added to the OmniPost application (if not already done so by the sender).


Identifying an item as damaged is an essential part of the post room functions. If an item is received (from courier or internal collection) in a damaged state; do the post room really want to refuse it? Equally do the post room want to accept it and then be liable for any potential damage?

A Simple, Powerful Process

Functionality is not compromised to obtain ease of use. The system is feature rich and extremely intuitive to use, it follows the same processes as a post room would use but without clipboards, pens, forms etc.

All data pertaining to the incoming item is entered through the web interface.

tickAllocate recipient from list filtered by dept, tenant, faculty etc.

tickUnique barcode, damage photos, multiple items on same consignment

tickEnter Sender, Courier, Service Level

tickAutomatic email notifies recipient of item arrival

Mobile barcode scanners are used to record delivery of items to recipient.

tickScan location barcode (desk, office, floor, person)

tickScan items for delivery at location point

tickCollect recipient name and signature with ‘Sign on Screen’

Scanner updates web database with proof of delivery etc.

tickThe status of items changes from outstanding to delivered

tickProof of delivery report becomes available

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