OmniPost Benefits

Mail Room Benefits

tickPDA on screen signature capture

Providing proof of delivery.

tickNo signatory, no problem

Scan the location barcode to prove you were there, and/or take a photograph.

tickFull audit trail

Each unique item is tracked on its way; date and time stamping each movement.

tickAdd images

Facility to take and add images (photos) to items on receipt, to protect you from accusation of damaging items.

tickAdd documents/files to items

Example may be delivery invoice (saves looking for that bit of paper later).

tickNo more phone calls chasing mail

When an Item arrives an email can be automatically sent to the recipient giving them the option to collect, or advising when it will be delivered.

tickHistory of every item

Saved in the database and can be reported on.

tickAccess from anywhere

As a WEB application, you can access the system from anywhere, with no limitation to the functionality.

tickSay good bye to the clip board and reams of paper

Receiver Benefits

tickTime saving

No more wasted calls to Suppliers chasing delivery, you can be alerted as soon as something arrives at the mail room.

tickItem Details

You are advised when an item arrives for you, with all pertinent details contained in personalised ‘configurable’ email.


If an item arrives damaged, you can check and see if it was acknowledged when received at the mail room – saves those tricky conversations!

tickBarcode Tracking

Use the shippers consignment barcode as the unique tracking reference – it’s much easier to manage any queries.

tickDelivery Times

No more disputes with the Post Room about the time a parcel arrived and the time it took to deliver to you.

tickAccurate Records

Accurate record of when items arrive at the building, if you paid for a Before 10:00am and it arrived after, then why not claim your money back.

Organisational Benefits

tickPerformance Monitoring

Monitor Post Room productivity and performance.

tickPersonal Use Monitoring

Monitor use of post room for personal use (e.g. Amazon).

tickAudit Trail

Complete Audit trial of all Internal Mail movements.

tickSave Costs

Cost savings through improved efficiency.

tickEliminate internal delivery disputes

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