OmniPost Applications


Universities & Colleges

With online retail sales in the UK expected to reach new heights, keeping on top of the daily deliveries of parcels from Amazon, ASOS etc without employing extra postroom staff can be tricky.

OmniPost University App is an ideal solution for Universities that want to provide a complete audit trail of signed for items coming into the University before they are delivered or collected by the final recipient. It can easily be adapted to manage your inventory, mail parcels, legal documents, exam papers, student mail and much, much more.



Internal mail and document management is a major administrative element for legal firms. We know that keeping track of incoming mail and parcels isn’t something you do just for legal reasons.

OmniPost Legal App is designed specifically to deal with a law firm’s incoming signed for physical mail, whether royal mail, others couriers or even hand delivered. Despite the rise in the use of e-mail, incoming, hard copy mail is still high volume for some practices. Coupled with a PDA, OmniPost enables law firms to transform its post room and by removing the reliance on paper, but more importability delivery a far better services to its customers.


Accountancy Firms

Typical large accountancy firms handle a daily deluge of inbound and outbound packages and mail, much of it highly sensitive and confidential. The movement of this information from accountancy firm to client and back is a regular daily occurrence.

An internal mail tracking solution such as OmniPost can help accountancy firms more efficiently and cost-effectively deliver, track and receive packages and letters in a secure environment. It will not only improve efficiency but will increase visibility of these documents at all times.


Property Managers & Collaborative Workspaces

Whether it’s a few packages a day or hundreds, property managers are looking for a solution that is easy to implement and fits their budget. Simplicity is what makes OmniPost so popular in post rooms across the country.

It’s a cost effective method to record receipt and delivery of packages to residents and send fast email or text notifications directly to the recipient’s emails when they have mail in their box ready to be collected.



Complicated single use devices or manual paper logs no longer need to be part of your guest, exhibitor, or employee package logging and accountable mail receiving process. OmniPost offers users a simple, cost effective solution for capturing chain of custody tracking data for all your internal deliveries. Being a cloud application, you can track incoming deliveries and search for complete chain of custody tracking information from any PC or internet browser.


Business & Commerce

Office mailrooms are overflowing with shopping packages for employees – and some companies have had enough. But should they look outside the box to keep their staff happy?

With the increase of personal mail at work as well as your normal deliveries, get rid of the paper logs and hours on manual logging and looking through countless paper logs for proof of delivery for all your internal mail. OmniPost can provide a quick, efficient means for researching packages and providing digital proof of signature.



OmniPost allows you to track Patient Records within a Hospital as well as to and from GP Surgeries.
Patient Records are barcoded and can be tracked individually wherever they go as the move from location to location or person to person with full accountability.

The system uses barcodes and mobile computers to keep track of your patient’s files, records and documents no matter where they go outside of the storage areas.

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