Barcode Scanning

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Any Barcode, Anywhere…

ExPD offers the most complete range of industrial solutions for automatic identification to improve the performance of your logistics or manufacturing process.

The efficiency of the whole process is based on the performance of the reading system. ExPD, thanks to the use of innovative technology solutions, is able to identify automatically, accurately and with absolute precision all types of labels, bar codes and 2D codes, applied in any position and orientation.

Line Scanners

Line scanners, which emit a single scan line, use the movement of the bar code to read it. The scanners can be placed at right angles to the bar code or tilted by a few degrees, depending on the alignment of the bar code and the decoding type supported by the reader.

Raster Scanners

Raster scanners emit multiple parallel scan lines. They are used for the “picket fence orientation” described above and provide a high degree of redundancy if a code has stains or faulty areas on it.

Scanners with Oscillating Mirror

Scanners with oscillating mirrors have an oscillating scan line. They make it possible to read codes if the bar code position is not firmly defined or multiple codes have to be recorded within the scanned area.

Image-based Code Readers

Image-based code readers offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of code types, print quality, colour and code orientation. They can identify both 1D and 2D codes.

Image-based code readers allow you to record images for downstream tasks such as OCR reading, image storing and video coding.

Code reading systems

If the application requirements are challenging, a network of multiple code readers technologies can solve almost any task.

• Codes read independent of orientation
• Individual adjustment of the systems to meet your needs
• Multiple sides of an object can be scanned
• Record images for downstream tasks such as OCR reading, image storing and video coding

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