Asset-i Applications

Asset management is much more than a snapshot of what current assets you have. An asset management solution such as Asset-I needs to provide information on exactly what assets you have, where it’s being used, its cost, its maintenance history, when it needs replacing, and its check-in/out status — providing you with key data that is available for analysis enabling you to maintain accurate procurement and purchasing data.

Asset-i solution can be deployed in any industry application such as:



Expensive pieces of teaching equipment, furniture, computer hardware and scientific equipment regularly travel between classrooms & department blocks without being returned to the place from which they were taken leading to unnecessary purchase of replacements and expensive capital losses.

Schools, academies, and universities are now moving from spreadsheets and paper records to modern cloud based asset management solutions to track their equipment and inspections, enabling them to quickly locate their assets and demonstrate compliance with government regulations.



Keeping track of assets is always an important task, but it is particularly critical in the healthcare industry. In addition to the risk of financial loss, keeping track of medical equipment and their maintenance brings a whole new perspective – patient health. If certain assets are lost, unaccounted for or in poor condition, the results could be critical for patients in a hospital setting.

Stay compliant with regulations by quickly generating reports on all your assets, such as where they are, when they were used last, which have been sterilised, what you’re running low on, and so much more.



The industrial sector has a lot of moving parts, both in the manufacturing and the shipping of products. Knowing where all these parts are at all times can be a daunting task. Malfunctioning machinery can also be a major issue and scheduling repairs on paper or through email can become cumbersome and inefficient.

The ability to collate all of the data concerning maintenance status and location of assets can be challenging. By instituting an Asset Management application, multiple processes that would be hampered by time constraints or logistics are combined into one simple process saving time, costs and improving productivity within your plant.


Local Authorities

Local authorities are faced with a tall order. Sources of income have dropped dramatically over the years, whilst more people and more people need costly council services. Asset management solutions will not only improve service delivery but will also achieve efficiency gains.

With the right information to hand local authority workers can interact more efficiently and quickly with the people they serve. The facility to access key immediately means council workers can minimise the delay for people waiting for vital benefits, repairs or decisions and by filing in the mobile forms just once – onsite – there are fewer opportunities for those administrative errors that can creep in when someone is keying in data at a later stage, working from their notes.


Food & Beverage

Food and beverage companies routinely deal with challenges that range from rising commodity prices, retailer price pressures, and tighter regulations to increasing demands for more nutritional value with safer ingredients that are better for the environment.

Our asset management software solution will help you effectively monitor and manage all your facilities and equipment costs, providing you with the tools to drive better decision making, maintain asset uptime and improve health and safety and compliance.



In the competitive hospitality industry, you need every advantage to decrease costs and improve profits to grow your business, to keep your guests coming back for more. It is well known that poorly maintained assets are not energy efficient that can result in unnecessary higher bills and extra wear and tear on assets that could be avoided.

Hotel asset management solutions is vital to any hotel that wants to remain in business, not only will it improve the longevity of your assets will also increase visibility and profitability. This solution can be applied across all your assets from office equipment, kitchen equipment to in-house laundry services etc.



Facilities Asset Management solutions are modernising facilities and estates management across a range of sectors. The combination of tenant and contractor asset management applications is enabling organisations to streamline processes, improve productivity and reduce property management costs.

The Asset Management solution will provide you with a comprehensive register of all site or clients assets of any type (M&E (Boilers, AHU), IT (Computers, Printers, Tablets), Office Services (Desks, Chairs) Equipment). You will have clear visibility of your asset portfolio including location, history, condition and written down value.


Business & Commerce

Maintaining an up-to-date record of your assets is vital to keeping your company running smoothly. Whether it be your computers, office furniture, or equipment used out on the job, it’s important to know the status of everything in your company’s possession and in what condition they are in.

SMEs are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits of asset tracking solutions to optimise workflows, streamline inventory control, better manage assets, implement coherent maintenance schedules, reduce costs and improve performance to bolster the company’s bottom line.

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