Mobile Computers

With over 25 years’ experience in Mobile & Automated Data Collection Solutions, EXPD offer a range of mobile computers with specifications to meet almost any requirement. Our extensive portfolio of devices consists of all the latest devices from the leading industry manufacturers such as Datalogic, Honeywell, Zebra and many more, ensuring we find the right device for you and your business.

Take a look at our key featured devices below or contact us directly for our complete portfolio of mobile computers


Handheld UK Nautiz X9 Mobile Computer

New Nautiz X9 – rugged computer is a tough-as-nails Android PDA that can handle any environment a field worker might encounter. Loaded with all the enterprise-level capabilities available, it delivers best-in-class field performance.

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Datalogic DL-Axist, Rugged Mobile Computer

The DL-Axist™ PDA is a rugged full touch Enterprise Class PDA with Android™ technology and a brilliant 5 inch screen. With industrial robustness, this PDA survives most indoor or outdoor environments. SoftSpot™ technology

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Honeywell CT50 Rugged Mobile Computer

Advanced enterprise-ready 4G/LTE mobile computer. It’s for scan-intensive workflows completed by your highly mobile frontline employees – people who require the convenience and capabilities of a truly mobile office.

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Zebra MC40 Rugged Mobile Computer

Cool, sleek design that rivals the most popular consumer style products on the outside and is pure business on the inside — a choice of Android operating systems. A 1-GHz processor, 8GB-Flash memory and support for 802.11a  wireless LAN

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Handheld UK Algiz RT7 Rugged Tablet PC

Android 5.1.1-based 7-inch Algiz RT7 tablet computer is the latest in the company’s line-up of rugged mobile computers for field workers in all sorts of demanding environments. Qualcomm quad-core processor &  strengthened glass.

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tickHandheld Computers

Combine the advantages of consumer PDAs and high-end industrial mobile computers into a single rugged package.

tickIndustrial Cold-Storage Computers

For demanding cold storage environments that require full functionality in environments as low as -22°F (-30°C).

tickHazardous Location Computers

Offer non-incendive and intrinsically safe mobile devices that will ensure completely safety and functionality in hazardous environments.

tickWearable Mobile Computer Solutions

That offer a new approach to hands-free computing and scanning for highly mobile workers.

tickHealthcare Mobile Computers

That are coated with disinfectant-ready housing that is optimal for environments where the device must be cleaned frequently with harsh chemicals.

The right device will not only improve productivity for your mobile workers but will also lower total cost of ownership once paired with the right solution for your business. Each device has passed some of the most stringent and taxing durability tests, ensuring that the devices you select will operate reliably in any environment.

With Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity options, your workers will stay connected at all times no matter where they are. The latest Android PDAs bring consumerisation into your business quickly and effectively and are best suited for use when your mobile workers need to collect data, make calls and access other applications on the move.

In conjunction with our portfolio of products & services, EXPD offer the complete solution from start to finish.

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